James Maxey Speaks At ABS Seminar

Express Solicitors Managing Partner James Maxey recently appeared at a seminar discussing the new world of alternative business structures. Speaking at Liverpool Crowne Plaza on 7th February, James examined the threat of increased competition, reforms to the civil justice system and the general changing face of the legal services marketplace.






James was invited to speak due to his position as founder and Managing Partner of a leading independent Personal Injury Law firm, and there were various other industry experts speaking from the defendant, insurer, credit hire and regulator perspective. All speakers provided a fantastic and varied insight and attendees had the opportunity to ask questions from the floor.

Watch James’ speech in full here

One of the most startling admissions was from Mr. David Fisher of AXA Insurance. He tended to agree with James Maxey on the issue of referral fees, and stated that if they (referral fees) were outlawed, insurance premiums would indeed actually decrease.

Perhaps Mr. Fisher said too much, as this admission is at odds with the insurance industry’s party line that it is indeed referral fees which have driven up the cost of insurance premiums. Express Solicitors believes Mr. Fisher to be absolutely correct on the issue of referral fees, and would be delighted if he could make that clear to the politicians and Department Of Transport!

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