The Lifetime Achievement award: The Modern Law Awards

James Maxey recently attended The Eclipse Proclaim Modern claim awards as a guest of Kate McKittrick Managing Director of Charlton Grant to honor one of the Industries Champions. Andrew Twambley was presented with The Lifetime Achievement Award for his services to the Personal Injury industry. James Maxey said “It was a privilege to be there to see a great champion of champions receive the acknowledgement of all that Andrew has done for injured clients as well as for the personal injury profession. The speech that was read out could not have been more accurate and gave a snap shot of the life and times of this great man”

Here is a copy of the speech that was read out on the night. Courtesy of Modern Law Magazine.img_0343-crop

The Lifetime Achievement award: The Modern Law Awards

The winner of our lifetime achievement award this evening has bestrode the world of personal injury like a colossus. But he is a man of apparent paradoxes.

In public places, such as this evening’s event, he may come across as unassuming, even a little shy in company. He may well be embarrassed to be picking up this richly deserved prize.

But our lifetime achiever has been a driving force in our industry during his long career. He has and continues to be a vociferous and outstanding advocate for citizen’s rights and the essential role played by personal injury lawyers in safeguarding those rights.

A great risk taker, he really did bet the farm by taking the case of Callery vs Gray to the House of Lords in 2001. He won a landmark decision, saved his business and his shirt, and in the process did the personal injury sector a great service: he ensured that, as a consequence, insurers paid their bills to us lawyers.

He also represented the claimant in another famous case, Sarwar vs Alam, which made ground-breaking law regarding claims by passengers injured in motor vehicles.

He was the man behind InjuryLawyers4U. From the first meeting of interested parties in 2002 to the first TV ad going out on 2 February 2003, our lifetime achiever cajoled, flattered, pestered and drove the concept from drawing board to becoming one of the best known brands in the PI market. Injurylawyers4U is a not for profit co-operative that has made millions of ordinary people aware of their rights.

In 2005 the Manchester Evening News hailed him as the new David Brent, and his Amelans firm in Didsbury as the legal equivalent of the Office’s Wernham Hogg, when BBC2 broadcast the TV series ‘No Win No Fee.’ A camera crew spent six weeks filming a fly on the wall documentary where our hero was described as the Rottweiler of the personal injury industry.

The opening sequence of programme one features him sniffing an envelope and saying ‘yes, it smells rather tasty.’ He rips it open and pulls out a £211,262 accident settlement cheque for one of his clients.

Variously known as the Sage of Didsbury, or Sir Harry, given his uncanny resemblance to Sir Harry Pearce, the head of MI5’s Section D in the TV series Spooks, he has more recently been the voice of Access to Justice (A2J), a group of PI lawyers that is campaigning against the government’s potentially disastrous reforms to personal injury. He is equally at home on Twitter as well as the dead tress press, where he writes a monthly satirical column in Claims Magazine.

You would assume that our lifetime achiever has little time for anything else, but as well as his writing he is a keen and brilliant amateur photographer, specialising in taking pictures of punk bands live in concert. He has had first hand experience of the mosh pit at a Clash concert, and saliva personally delivered to him by fans of the Stranglers.

He is also has a keen eye for birds…. The feathered variety of course…. and is a champion chicken breeder.

Lifetime achievement awards imply that the recipient is near the end of his or her career, but I can confidently predict that our winner this evening will continue to be a thorn in the side of the forces of conservatism and the elites, and a champion of personal injury and the ordinary people we help, for many years to come.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to reveal that the winner of tonight’s life time achievement award is ……..

Lifetime Achievement Award
Winner: Andrew Twambley

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