Partner Daniel Slade Issues Warning Regarding Harveys Sofa Protector Spray

People in the UK may be eligible to claim against Harveys, the home furnishing and furniture retailer, if they have suffered as a result of using its own brand sofa protector spray.

The spray, manufactured by Mcklords, has caused some customers to suffer coughing, dizziness, painful headaches, skin rashes, breathing difficulties, stomach pains and vomiting, which all started very soon after the spray was used on their sofa.

Daniel Slade, partner at Express Solicitors, is warning those people in the UK who have purchased the spray to be aware of the possible consequences of using it, even if the instructions are followed closely.

He said: “We are already pursuing several cases from customers affected by the spray. Harveys is aware of the issue and the fact people are beginning to bring claims.

“The whole case is still in its infancy, but if injuries are proven to have been caused by the sofa protector spray then clients stand to win considerable compensation for injuries sustained and loss of earnings. One of my clients had to take three months of work due to his illness.

“Reports are circulating that many other people have become ill immediately after using the same product. Our advice to anyone who has experienced similar symptoms after using this product is to visit their doctor immediately and not just put the symptoms down to flu or a viral illness.

“Harveys has been offering refunds to customers who return the spray. However, anyone intending to make a claim is advised to keep hold of the product it may prove to be vital evidence and contact a specialist product liability lawyer immediately for expert advice on how to proceed.”

Express Solicitors has extensive experience in this field, having successfully sought compensation for many clients involved in the muchpublicised Argos ‘toxic’ sofas cases.

For further information, please contact Express Solicitors.

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