Christine Young

Christine Young

£7,000 secured for whiplash victim

Express Solicitors helped Christine Young from Peterlee, County Durham, win £7,000 compensation following a road traffic accident on an icy road surface in nearby Seaham.

The accident involved two Land Rover Discovery’s driven by Christine and her brother Stephen.

Stephen was using a solid tow bar to pull Christine down a bank when his car skidded on ice, causing both cars to jackknife and Christine’s car to crash into a barrier, snapping the tow bar.

Already aware of Express Solicitors, Stephen recommended the firm to his sister who claimed damages for the whiplash and psychological trauma she suffered.

Christine took photographs to prove there had been black ice and frost on the road so the firm considered the possibility of pursuing a claim against the council for failing to ensure it was free from ice and snow.  The council however was able to produce documents confirming they had a ‘statutory defence’ to the claim.  This meant it could show it had not acted purposely, knowingly, recklessly, or negligently.

Express Solicitors then made a claim against Stephen as he was the driver of the vehicle towing Christine, and liability was admitted by his insurance company.

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