Kwame Leeming

£3,755 following RTA    

Kwame Leeming, a 30 year old electrician from Moston, Manchester, was doing a good deed for his father when he suffered a lower back injury in a road traffic accident (RTA).

It was when Kwame was dropping his father off at his auntie’s house that another car drove into the back of his on Greenheys Lane in Hulme.

Kwame said:  “I was just about to turn left when a car hit me from behind.  The driver admitted liability straight away and apologised as he hadn’t seen me.  At that point I didn’t know I was injured, but when I woke up the following day I had pain in my lower back that had obviously been caused by the accident.

“Sometime later, I decided to contact Express Solicitors because the firm had successfully won compensation for a couple of family members and it came highly recommended.

“As I expected, my case was dealt with quickly and efficiently.  I was sent for a medical and diagnosed with acute cervical strain and acute lumbar strain.”

Kwame was awarded some £3,755 compensation to cover his injuries and for the care and assistance provided by his family.

He concluded:  “Express Solicitors had come highly recommended so I was confident the firm would get the best settlement possible for me.   I was really pleased with the outcome.”

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