Nigel Swan

Nigel wins £115,000    

In 2003, Nigel Swan suffered a work related accident that led to the amputation of his thumb.  When he was advised by his original law firm that his case had no prospects and that he should ‘let it go’, Nigel contacted Express Solicitors, which eventually won him £115,000 compensation, even though it was outside the three year deadline for claims.

Nigel was loading a wheelbarrow onto a lorry at work when he broke his thumb.  He contacted a personal injury law firm that agreed to pursue a claim for him on a no win no fee basis, but some two and a half years down the line the firm said it couldn’t win the case for him unless he paid for services upfront.

He explains:  “The law firm wanted me to pay as I went along for each letter and phone call when I thought it would take a percentage of any compensation at the end of the case.  The solicitors knew I had lost my job through this accident, as well as my wife and family.  I went into depression and asked them just to send me the paperwork, which I gave to my family’s solicitor.  For a year and a half I did nothing until I saw an advert on the TV and it just took one phone call to be put in touch with Express Solicitors.

“From day one, I spoke to the same solicitor every time I made contact.  Express Solicitors took on my case and won me a fantastic level of compensation, even though I went to the firm three years after the deadline for bringing claims.  The firm was forced to put up a good fight over the deadline issue, but it won nevertheless.

“I was offered £115,000 in total and received £90,000 of this given the benefits I’d already had.  The money has truly meant the world to me.  Having had my thumb amputated I can’t do the job I used to do, so this has made a real difference to my son and I.

“If anyone else found themselves in my position I would say, ‘don’t think, just do it’.  The service I received from the firm was excellent, out of this world.  The case had already run out of time due to the failings of another solicitor but Express Solicitors took it on and won.  I’m extremely grateful for that!”

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