Thomas Clare

Thomas awarded £2,500  

Thomas, a logistics operative, was working for Essex and Suffolk Water, part of Northumbrian Water, when the accident happened in February 2010. He said: “I was walking through the yard at the Hanningfield compound when my foot got caught in a loop of thick nylon strapping that hadn’t been cleared away as it should have been. It was sticking outside the pallet and, when my foot got tangled in it, I fell. I twisted my back as I did so and when I landed, I hurt and bruised my left side including my arm and my hip.

“After the accident I carried on working, even though a couple of days later bruising developed and I was in a lot of pain. This prompted me to see my GP who prescribed me painkillers. At that time, I also had difficulty sleeping as it was so uncomfortable due to the pain in my neck, back and shoulders. “I knew I had every right to claim for my injuries as the yard should have been tidied up, so I contacted Express Solicitors and was told I had a case. My solicitor, Zaynab Awan, pursued a claim on my behalf and I was delighted with the outcome.”

When Express Solicitors contacted Northumbrian Water Group, it admitted liability and a settlement was agreed for £2,500 to compensate for injuries to the soft tissue in Thomas’ back, neck and shoulder. Thomas concludes: “Express Solicitors negotiated a settlement much sooner than I thought and I was extremely pleased with the compensation I was awarded. I would recommend the firm to anybody else that has had an accident at work that’s not their fault.”

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