Thomas P

Thomas P

Express Solicitors won £650,000 compensation for a man who had an accident at work on a defective chair. Despite his original solicitor encouraging him to agree on a paltry £8,000 settlement.

Thomas P from Sale was working for
Manchester City Council in 2010 when his chair collapsed. As he fell backwards, Thomas tried to grab the desk with his right arm to keep himself from falling, but in doing so he damaged the nerves in his neck and shoulder.

He explains: “I was talking to a customer on the phone when my chair gave way and in trying to prevent myself from falling I hurt my neck and shoulder. When I woke the next morning I was in agony and felt paralysed so I went to hospital.

Over time, I had many tests and saw various consultants who maintained I sustained soft tissue damage but I knew my body – something wasn’t right. So I pushed for more tests and eventually I was seen by a nerve consultant. He said he’d seen this type of injury many times before and after nerve conduction tests he diagnosed regional pain syndrome, which is a condition characterised by chronic and debilitating pain.”

Realising he would require legal support, Mr P contacted a personal injury lawyer in Manchester, who advised him that he should settle his employer’s liability claim for £8,000 for soft tissue
damage. Thomas continues: “Even when I showed him the nerve conduction tests he said I should settle, but I didn’t want to as I knew how much pain I was in and how bad my injuries were. Coincidentally, another partner in the firm was an expert in regional pain syndrome having suffered from it himself, so I changed solicitors.”

“What happened next is that this firm was sold to Express Solicitors; I was apprehensive about the move but my experience with Express Solicitors was brilliant. I thought I’d be just another number, but from the day Richard Lowery took over the case he was amazing, everything about him was professional and I couldn’t fault him. Richard had all the time in the world for me, he was prompt with replies and always had my interests at heart. If I ever needed anyone to represent me again it would be Richard and his team, who were professional and empathetic every step of the way.”

At a joint settlement meeting,only a week before the claim was due to go to court, Thomas and Manchester City Council’s insurers agreed to £650,000 compensation.

Thomas concludes: “I didn’t want to go to court – my family had been through enough and now, what I have achieved financially will ensure their future, even if I am never able to work again.”

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