Terminal Illness

Diagnosis of a terminal illness is always devastating. But, if you feel like the outcome could have been different had your loved one received more appropriate medical treatment, the situation can be even more upsetting.

Whilst it may never have been possible to find a cure for a terminal disease, you may feel that your loved one’s life expectancy or quality of life could have been improved if they had received more appropriate medical care.

For example, if a healthcare professional does not exercise reasonable care and fails to diagnose a serious condition like a brain aneurysm, despite the warning signs, then any subsequent deterioration in their condition could result in a claim for clinical negligence.

At Express Solicitors, our specialist clinical negligence lawyers have the experience to handle a range of terminal illness claims, with the professionalism and sensitivity they require. We can talk through the details of your case, advise you whether a claim is likely to be successful and help you prepare for the next step.

Our professional clinical lawyers advise on a wide range of terminal illness claims, including misdiagnosis or inappropriate treatment of:

  • Inoperable cancer
  • Renal disease
  • Heart conditions
  • Pulmonary disorders
  • Vascular conditions (e.g. aneurism)
  • Pseudomyxoma peritonei

If you have lost a loved one following a terminal illness and feel that their treatment suffered as a result of clinical negligence you may be able to claim compensation. Our specialist clinical negligence lawyers can also advise you about making a formal complaint under the NHS Complaints Procedure.

Deciding whether to bring a clinical negligence case in these circumstances can be a difficult decision. If you think you might want to bring a claim at some point in the future, it is vital you seek professional legal advice as soon as possible. This means that if and when you decide to bring a claim in the future you will be able to do so within the legal time limits.

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