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Medical negligence claims calculator

You deserve to feel safe when undergoing medical treatment, either privately or on the NHS. However, if you’ve been injured because of medical negligence, you may be able to claim compensation.

Our medical negligence compensation claims calculator will help you to see how much you could claim.

Last Updated November 8th, 2023.

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How does the medical negligence claims calculator work?

The calculator is simple to use and provides guideline compensation amounts based on the type of injury you’ve suffered. To get started, simply:

  • Select the area of your body that was affected (for example upper or lower body)
  • Select the specific body part that was affected (this may be multiple injuries, so you can use the calculator more than once)
  • Select how serious your injury was – minor, moderate or severe. For example, short-term damage might be considered minor, but life-changing injuries are severe.

How do you calculate compensation for a medical negligence claim?

Our calculators provide guideline figures based on your physical injuries. Our expert solicitors will be able to give you a much clearer figure once we have heard your medical negligence claim.

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Compensation amounts are estimated based on the level of injury below

What our medical negligence compensation calculator includes

The calculator works by analysing the severity of ‘general damages’, which are the physical and mental damages you’ve suffered. Your claim estimate will vary depending on how serious your damages are.

For example, medical negligence during childbirth could result in a child’s oxygen being cut off, which would be long-term, severe damage and a much higher value claim.

What our medical negligence compensation calculator doesn’t include

When we receive your medical negligence claim, we’ll also factor in loss of earnings and other costs, which are known as ‘special damages’. Our injury compensation claims calculator does not include this, so your claim could be worth more depending on your situation.

Depending on how severe your injury, you may need to pay out for adjustments to your home, or take time off work. We will consider all of this when processing your no win, no fee medical negligence claim.

What are the medical negligence claim figures based on?

This compensation calculator is based on the average settlement amounts of other recent medical negligence claims, as awarded by a judge. We regularly update these to give the most accurate figures.

The Judicial Board Guidelines can also offer guidance on specific compensation amounts based on injury to certain body parts. For example:

  • Injuries to internal organs could be as high as £146,000
  • Injuries which paralyse all or part of the body can range from £39,000 to £322,000
  • Injuries resulting in brain damage or sensory loss could be as high as £322,000.

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How do I know if I can make a medical negligence claim?

You may be able to make a medical negligence compensation claim if your healthcare provider has caused you harm. By law, both private and NHS healthcare providers have a duty of care to keep you safe. Most often, medical negligence claims are the result of staff negligence, for example, making mistakes during surgery or misdiagnosing patients.

If these mistakes have led to your physical harm, you could make a compensation claim. The Express Solicitors medical negligence claims calculator will help you to see what you could claim based on your injuries.

How to claim for medical negligence

Want to know more about claiming for medical or clinical negligence. Jargon free, we’ll explain your legal rights, letting you know everything you need to know about claiming.

How much compensation can I claim for medical negligence?

Read our medical negligence legal guides to understand your legal rights and how much compensation you may be able to claim.

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Compensation amounts for medical negligence claims vary enormously, so this injury compensation calculator should be used as a guideline only.

Our expert medical negligence solicitors can give you the most accurate settlement figure and help you to start a no win, no fee claim.

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