£26,750 awarded to injured member of a gym

Mr Long, a lorry driver, has been awarded £26,750 after he sustained a double dislocation of his shoulder whilst using weights at the gym where he was a member.

Although an experienced gym member, Mr Long was carrying out a shoulder press exercise on the Olympic bar with weights of 70kg.   He requested the help of a gym instructor to ‘spot’ him and help support the weights from behind whilst he carried out the exercise. Unfortunately the gym instructor became distracted and with Mr Long being unable to support the weight he was lifting he shouted for assistance. As the instructor had moved away Mr Long’s shoulder buckled under the weight causing a severe dislocation to his shoulder.

Mr Long was taken to hospital by ambulance and due to the nature of the injury unfortunately sustained a second dislocation shortly after the accident.

Mr Long required 2 extensive periods of time off work from his employment whilst he underwent surgery and sustained a loss of earnings from his employment.

The gym accepted at an early stage that they were responsible for the accident which was a great relief to Mr Long as he was able to recover for both his injuries and the financial losses he had suffered during his absence from work.

Mr Long had not thought initially about claiming but when he realised the impact the injury would have on his future employment prospects he got in contact with Express Solicitors.

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