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Horse riding injury claims

If you’ve been injured in a horse riding accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be entitled to make a personal injury compensation claim. Call one of our personal injury solicitors for a free assessment of your claim. Our accident solicitors work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

Last updated on April 26th, 2021

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Horses can bolt and cause an injury because they’ve been frightened on the road by a vehicle that travels too fast or too closely to them; a riding school may be responsible for a horse accident through negligence or employees can sustain an injury from a difficult or unpredictable horse.

Sarah’s story

Horse riding accident claims can be difficult and complicated cases to pursue due to the simple fact that any person who decides to mount a horse should recognise and accept the risks involved.

Yet, Daniel Slade at Express Solicitors bit at the opportunity to represent Sarah Price when she fell off her horse during a beginner’s riding lesson at her local stables and helped her achieve £5,000 for the injuries she sustained.

Sarah explains: “I was having my fifth horse riding lesson at my local stables, but things were chaotic there.

There were building works going on at the riding centre and my lesson had been moved from my usual enclosed training area to an open field where there were other horses loose.

“The horse I was riding – Coco – was spooked by the noise and chaos of the building works and the other horses in the field and became agitated. The other horses were moved and the lesson continued but an employee then walked two or three horses past the field – Coco reared up in the air and I was thrown from the back.

“I was in considerable pain so that evening I went to Accident and Emergency where a specialist diagnosed injuries to my neck and my lower back.”

Sarah approached Express Solicitors to pursue her claim and was awarded £5,000 damages for a back injury, post-traumatic-stress disorder and a subsequent phobia of horse riding.

It was decided that the Defendant was negligent by letting Sarah ride the horse when it was agitated and distressed, particularly when Sarah was a beginner. In addition, the horse riding lessons should not have taken place while building works were in process, as this can also negatively affect the horses.

Sarah, who was very passionate about horses, was able to claim for psychiatric injury because since the accident she has been too scared to ride a horse again and continue the hobby she so enjoyed.

A national mutual insurance company fought Sarah throughout the case, however Express Solicitors successfully won the trial in Court for her.

“I found Express Solicitors to be quick and efficient when handling my claim, keeping me updated throughout the process and acting professionally at all times. I know horse related accident claims can be rather complex and was delighted to have won. Horse riding was a lifelong ambition, which I’ve sadly have to give up on.”

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We have handled many horse injury claims and our specialist solicitors will work closely with equine experts to identify and apportion blame for your injury.

Not only can we seek compensation for your horse injury and loss of earnings, but also for damage to your clothes and accessories.

We have a proven track record in handling horse injury claims so if you or somebody you know has had a horse accident caused by a motorist or a negligent third party, please call our personal injury solicitors now for free legal advice.

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