Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Still Underreported

Each year in the UK approximately 4050 lives are lost due to carbon monoxide (CO). Carbon Monoxide poisoning puts people at serious risk of brain injury or death.

Majority Of Homes Do Not Have Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Two fire services recently embarked upon the nation’s biggest study into CO poisoning with more than 20000 properties visited to assess the risk posed by CO in our homes. A worrying early finding revealed than around 15000 of the 17000 homes visited by Merseyside Fire and Rescue did not have a CO alarm fitted.
The Gas Safety Trust charityalso undertook research into CO poisoning by giving ambulance paramedics CO testing kits. They believed that many cases were being unreported because of a lack of awareness and because patients are not routinely tested. Their experiment in London identified 83 poisoning cases in a single year almost as much as the official figures for the whole country.
The Health and Safety Executive accepts that there is underreporting in all health and safety matters and both studies clearly support this. Express Solicitors is affiliated with Headway the brain injury association and they provide some excellent ‘dos and don’ts’ on their website to help prevent CO poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Can Lead To Death And Brain Injury

As I mentioned serious brain injury and death can occur due to exposure to CO. But other symptoms can include headaches nausea abdominal pain shortness of breath and dizziness. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms seek medical attention immediately and also ensure the building is ventilated as much as possible before seeking professional assistance.
You may be entitled to seek a claim for compensation if you have suffered CO poisoning. Please contact us to discuss your claim free of charge with a specialist Poisoning Claims Solicitor.
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