“Medical Accidents are not the Same as Medical Negligence”

The press often portray those who have won sums of money from the NHS in a negative light, suggesting that those injured by medics they trusted are demanding money from the tax payer. The NHS is overstretched and the suggestion is that its finite resources  ought to be saved for those who really need the money.

The attitude amongst many is that it is wrong to claim compensation when things go wrong at the hands of doctors trying to help.

The reality is that compensation for medical negligence is not a lottery win and successful cases are supported by independent medical experts who are able to say that the treatment the patient has received is not just an “accident” but actually constitutes negligence, the doctors having acted in a way which is considered below the lowest acceptable standard and in a way in which no other reasonable doctor would have done so often causing serious injury to the patient. These people really need the financial assistance provided by a successful clinical negligence claim in order to put their lives back on track following which is often a traumatic and distressing experience with long lasting consequences.

Claims can be against medical professionals such as a hospital doctor, GP, nurse, physiotherapist, dentist, pharmacist or ambulance driver, and against medical institutions such as an NHS hospital, private hospital or a GP surgery.

If you have suffered negligence at the hands of any medical professional, you may be entitled to compensation. Please contact our specialist medical negligence department for advice.

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