Express Solicitors is helping Toni Brown fight her case after she was nearly blinded by washing up liquid while working at a Greggs concession store in a BP garage in Frankley, Worcestershire.
As she was cleaning utensils the industrial-strength liquid squirted up into her eyes in what has been described as a freak accident.
The liquid began bubbling in her eyes and burned her corneas. She was left unable to open her eyes for a week.
She now suffers reduced vision in one eye and has to wear sunglasses most of the time.
Moto Services, which runs the Greggs concession where she was working, has admitted liability.
Workplace injury specialist Stephanie Osborne from Express Solicitors is handling the case. She explains that any staff handling toxic chemicals at work need training and PPE.
She comments: “Liability in this case has been admitted (via their insurer). All employers need to train staff properly and make sure they are protected at work.
“This accident has greatly affected Toni’s life and eyesight and could have been prevented with proper equipment and advice.”
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