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Bed Bug Bite Compensation Claims

If you’ve suffered from bed bug bites while staying at a hotel or holiday rental, contact the Express Solicitors team. We’ll listen to your story and help you claim bed bug bite compensation.

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Key points for making an injury claim

The most important things to remember when claiming for holiday compensation:

  • You can claim compensation if you or a loved one has been bitten whilst staying in a hotel or holiday let or you’re staying in a building owned by someone else
  • You can make a claim for compensation for these types of injuries if you can prove another party’s negligence caused your injury
  • It’s important you provide evidence of the presence of the bedbugs (such as photographs) and keep receipts for any expenses such as pest control fees or prescriptions
  • The amount of compensation you may be able to claim will depend on the severity of your bites, the pain and suffering caused and the impact the injuries will have on your life
  • In most cases, you have up to three years from the date of the accident to start your compensation claim

When can I make a bed bug bite claim? 

You can make a bed bug bite claim if you can prove that you stayed somewhere that had a bed bug infestation, and the resulting injuries were due to someone else’s negligence. Typically, you have three years from the date of the incident to begin a claim.

Most bed bug bite claims are brought about from stays in hotels, holiday rentals, or due to faulty second-hand furniture. Property owners, landlords, and hotel operators have a legal duty of care to ensure their premises are free from infestations. If you have suffered because this duty of care was breached, such as through inadequate cleaning or irregular maintenance, you can claim compensation.

Hotel and rental property operators, as well as furniture suppliers, are expected to maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation to prevent such infestations. If they fail to meet these standards, they can be held liable for any resulting damages or injuries.

Speak with our specialist personal injury solicitors today to find out if you can claim compensation for bed bug bites. We’re experienced in dealing with all kinds of holiday claims, and are here to help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

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Signs of bed bugs

When staying in hotels, Airbnbs, or other short-term rentals, spotting signs of bed bug infestations early will help protect your health and avoid bringing them home. Here are some key indicators to check for upon your arrival and during your stay:

  • Small blood stains: Keep an eye out for tiny red or rusty spots on bed sheets or mattresses – these can result from bed bugs being crushed after they feed.
  • Dark or rusty spots of excrement: Look for these spots on bedding, walls, or furniture near the bed. These marks can look like they’ve been made by a marker.
  • Eggs and eggshells: Bed bugs lay small, pale yellow eggs. Check hidden areas for these eggs and the shells left behind when they hatch, each about 1mm in size.
  • Live bed bugs: Adult bed bugs are small, brown, and similar in size to an apple seed. After feeding, they appear redder and more elongated.
  • Shed skins: As bed bugs grow, they shed their skins several times. These can be a tell-tale sign of an ongoing infestation.
  • Musty odour: A noticeable musty, sweet smell can be a strong indicator of a large bed bug presence, caused by their scent glands.

If you come across any of these signs, it’s important to report them immediately to your accommodation provider or rep, and take steps to protect yourself and your belongings. Documenting these signs will also support a compensation claim if you experience any health issues or financial losses as a result of the infestation.

Symptoms of bed bug bites

Dealing with bed bug bites can be distressing and uncomfortable, especially when you’re away on holiday and it’s a recurring nightly problem. Not only can bed bug bites interrupt your sleep but they can also lead to a range of physical symptoms and emotional stress. 

If you’re not sure it’s bed bugs you’re dealing with, here are some symptoms to keep an eye out for: 

  • Appearance of bites: Bed bug bites usually show up as small, red welts. Unlike mosquito bites, these often appear in tracks or cluster patterns across the skin.
  • Common areas affected: These bites usually occur on parts of the body that are more likely to be exposed during sleep, such as the shoulders, arms, neck, and legs.
  • Persistent itching: One of the main symptoms of bed bug bites is intense and ongoing itching, which can be much more severe than that caused by other insect bites.
  • Physical discomfort: Apart from itching, bed bug bites may also cause localised swelling or inflammation around the bite area, adding to the discomfort.
  • Allergic reactions: Some people that have been bitten by bed bugs may experience severe allergic reactions, including hives or blistering at the bite sites.
  • Impact on sleep: The irritation and discomfort that bed bug bites cause often leads to difficulty sleeping, which can result in fatigue and a decrease in general wellbeing if the infestation continues.

If you’re bitten by bed bugs, the first thing to do is wash the affected areas with soap and water to ease the itching and prevent infection. Applying calamine lotion or an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream can help soothe the irritation. If the itching is severe, taking antihistamines may help too. 

It’s important to try not to scratch the bites, hard as that might be, and to watch out for signs of infection such as redness or continued swelling. If symptoms get worse or you have an allergic reaction, see a doctor immediately. Lastly, don’t forget to report the infestation to your accommodation provider so that they address the source of the problem.

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Average compensation for bed bug bites claim

The amount of compensation available for bed bug bite claims varies greatly according to the severity of the bites, the extent of any injuries they cause, the cost of medical treatment, potential scarring, and any long-term effects. Every claim is assessed on its individual merits, so that the compensation you receive reflects the particular impact the infestation has had on your life. 

Compensation tiers:

  • Minor injuries: Includes minor scarring or short-term discomfort that resolves within a few weeks. Despite being less severe, these conditions can still disrupt your holiday or peace of mind. Compensation for bed bug bites of this severity can range up to £6,870.
  • Moderate injuries: These cases typically involve multiple bites that may be painful, irritating, and visibly unsightly. These can sometimes lead to scarring or slight discolouration of the skin which generally improves over time. Claims for moderate injuries can reach up to £20,000.
  • Serious injuries: These bites may cause existing skin conditions to worsen or cause significant irritations and long-term scarring. Often, the scarring may only be temporary or confined to areas that are easily concealed. Compensation for serious injuries can range from £20,000 to £77,500.
  • Severe cases with permanent scarring: In the most severe cases, bites can lead to permanent, visible scarring, causing long-term cosmetic issues as well as ongoing pain, discomfort, and irritation. For such extensive injuries, compensation can range from £77,500 to £91,900.

If you’re considering making a claim, it’s important to keep a record of all aspects of your experience for evidence. This means taking photos of the bites, keeping medical records of any treatments, and noting any personal and psychological impacts that the bites have caused. These will help substantiate your claim and build a strong case.

For expert advice on how to proceed with your bed bug bites claim and to ensure you receive the compensation you rightly deserve, get in touch with Express Solicitors. Our experienced team is ready to assess your case, let you know how much compensation you could receive for a successful claim, and guide you through the process from start to finish.

What evidence do I need to support my bed bug bite compensation claim?

When dealing with bed bug bites, the more thoroughly you document the situation, the more likely your claim will be successful. Here are examples of evidence that will help strengthen your bed bug bite claim:

  • Photographs: It’s important to take photographs that show the infestation of bed bugs. Focus on sheltered areas where infestations tend to be most prominent, such as skirting boards, carpets, and the edges of mattresses on the defendant’s premises. These images will help prove where and how the infestation occurred.
  • Detailed report: Write down a detailed account of when and where you came across the bed bugs and how the exposure happened. Include any interactions with the accommodation provider or landlord regarding the infestation.
  • Medical evidence: Keep records of any treatment you received for your bed bug bites, including diagnosis and treatment details. This helps establish the severity of the bites.
  • Receipts and expenses: Keep receipts and notes of any out-of-pocket expenses related to the infestation, such as medical bills, the cost of replacing personal items, along with any professional cleaning or pest control services you had to hire.
  • Communications with the responsible party: Save copies of all communications with your accommodation provider or landlord. This includes emails, letters, and text messages discussing the infestation or your complaint.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can be held liable for bed bug bites at a holiday accommodation?

If you wake up with bed bug bites after a night in a hotel or a holiday rental, you might be wondering who’s to blame. In most cases, the responsibility will lie with whoever manages the property - this could be the hotel owner, the landlord, or the property manager. They have a duty to keep their accommodation clean and free from pests like bed bugs. If it turns out they didn't keep up with proper maintenance or pest control, and that negligence led to your bites, they could be held responsible.

How long does a bed bug bite claim take to resolve?

There’s no set time that it takes to resolve a bed bug bite claim. Typically, straightforward cases can be resolved in a matter of months, especially when the evidence is clear and the accommodation provider acknowledges their responsibility quickly. However, more complex cases, where there's a dispute over who's at fault or discussions about the extent of compensation, might take longer - sometimes up to a year or more.

A number of things can affect how long it takes to settle your claim. For example, the time it takes to gather all the necessary evidence like medical records and proof of infestation, the speed at which the other party responds, and the complexity of legal negotiations. The process can also be delayed if there are multiple parties involved or if the case requires detailed investigations. Starting your claim early and staying organised can help speed up the process.

Does travel insurance cover bed bug bites?

This really depends on your policy. Many standard travel insurance plans don't automatically cover bed bug bites unless you’ve chosen a more comprehensive option that includes a broader range of incidents.

Check your policy details or speak directly with your insurance provider to understand exactly what’s covered. Some policies might cover medical expenses if the bites cause serious health issues, and others may even reimburse you for personal items if you had to ditch your belongings due to an infestation. However, insurance coverage for alternative accommodation or trip disruptions due to bed bugs is less common.

If you're concerned about potential bed bug encounters on your travels, it's worth discussing your coverage options with your insurer before you head out. This way, you can make sure you’re well protected, or consider getting additional coverage if needed.

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