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Personal injury claims client stories

Below are some of our recent successful personal injury claims we’ve handled for our clients.

The Benefit of Experience in a Brain Injury Case – A Client Story

Five-figure settlement for woman knocked down by an escaped dog

Six-figure settlement after slip in icy car park causes long-term injuries

£10,000 settlement following a slip and trip incident at a pub

Compensation for injury caused by product purchased from Amazon

Personal injury specialist demonstrate value of second opinion after securing £90,000 following slip in the pub

£180,000 Compensation secured following a supermarket slip.

Child who split head open in hotel room wins £20,000

Compensation payout for mobility scooter fall

Pothole victim claims over £20,000

Compensation settlement raised for car park trip

Compensation claimed after shopper is mishandling by security guard

Compensation settlement for woman injured at the gym

Landlady awarded compensation for injuring toes in accident

Chef awarded half a million in compensation after falling down unlit stairs

Compensation secured after a slip at train station

Young mother wins £17,396 in damages against brewery

Compensation for shard of bamboo in spring roll

Motocross rider claims over 1.5 million pounds

Successful claim for supermarket slip