Margaret Scaldwell, 70, was left with a broken spine and lost all of her teeth when hit by an e-bike capable of 55mph.
The accident occurred when Margaret was crossing the road in Wigan and two men speeding on an e-bike ploughed into her, causing life-changing injuries.
Margaret was put into a medically-induced coma. The impact of the crash broke her spine, pelvis, both her arms and 19 ribs. She also required 10 steel plates fitted into her face.
Mrs Scaldwell and her daughter are calling upon the Government to do more to tackle the uptake of high-powered e-bikes and e-scooters on roads and pavements.
Robin Patey, Partner in Road Traffic Accident, is representing Mrs Scaldwell. He comments on the increase in the number of e-bike collisions.
“This case illustrates the dangers posed by the growing menace of e-bikes,” he said. “Mrs Scaldwell was simply crossing the road near her house and was mowed down by teenagers on an e-bike.
“Now she has been left virtually housebound with serious life-changing injuries at a time when she should be enjoying her retirement.
“The law needs to catch up with the technology, as at the minute the legislation covering these e-bikes is out of date and needs to be urgently reviewed.
“Too many communities now find themselves blighted by careless drivers on off road e-bikes with no tax or insurance. Action needs to be taken to address this pressing issue.”
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