Top 100 law firm Express Solicitors has acquired two well-known Manchester personal injury firms this week, Amelans Solicitors and Jefferies Solicitors.
Chief Executive Officer at Express Solicitors, James Maxey said: “We are thrilled to have acquired Amelans Solicitors and Jefferies Solicitors, they are both companies we have held in high regard for some time. They have excellent reputations with exacting standards and good lawyers.”
The two acquisitions will take the number of Express Solicitors employees to over 600.
Regarding the Amelans Solicitors acquisition, Maxey said: “We have worked closely with Amelans Solicitors for many years, and they are very local and dear to us, being based in Didsbury. They are a great firm with a trailblazing reputation, with lawyers who like us, are brave enough to challenge the law and create new standards. We look forward to welcoming the skilled staff to Express Solicitors.
Amelans Senior Partner Andrew Twambley and Finance Partner Denise Wilkinson join Express Solicitors as consultants to ensure the smooth integration of the practices.
Andrew has established his reputation over the years as a campaigner for justice and particularly for the rights of personal injury victims. Andrew was involved in landmark cases such as Callery v Gray and Sarwar v Alam. Andrew must be one of the very few lawyers to have received two lifetime achievement awards, one at The Claims Innovation Awards in 2013 and one at The Modern Law Awards in 2016.
Maxey said: “We are immensely proud to continue the excellent work carried on by Amelans, and we look forward to looking after the staff and of course, the new to Express Solicitors’ clients. We share the same focus with Amelans of promoting quality legal services to achieve the best outcome for our injured clients.
The acquisition of Jefferies Solicitors reinforces Express Solicitors’ bench strength in personal injury law with the addition of former Director Monina Ramsden, who joins as a Partner along with her catastrophic injury team. Monina Ramsden, who also sits part time as a Deputy District Judge adds her wealth of experience and technical knowledge to complement the existing specialist departments.
The addition of Jefferies Solicitors to the Express Solicitors group brings with it circa 2000 clients and almost 50 more staff.
Jefferies Solicitors was established more than 25 years ago by Michael Jefferies who built the firm from the ground up to the practice that is much loved today. Their outgoing Director confirmed how important it was to find the right successor practice.
Michael Jefferies said: “I am personally at a stage in my career where I’m looking to move onto other projects. We have been incredibly careful when selecting a firm to look after our staff, and the firm’s clients. Finding a firm with the same ethos was a vital factor. We are pleased to see during our dealings with Express Solicitors that they are committed to client care, staff welfare and progression and wish them further success.”
Maxey said: “We look forward to welcoming the talented staff and will carry on the Jefferies tradition.
“It is of paramount importance that a class leading legal service will continue for all the Jefferies Solicitors’ and Amelans Solicitors’ clients. This will be aided by a smooth integration of our shared case management systems. Our IT departments and legal teams continue to liaise, ensuring a seamless transition.”
During the acquisitions, Express Solicitors was advised by long term corporate law firm, O’Connors Legal Services Limited, Liverpool with Jefferies Solicitors being advised by Andrew Sturge of Bexley Beaumont Limited together with Lauren Roberts and Danielle Tierney of Hurst Accountants Ltd. Amelans Solicitors was advised by Bennett Briegal LLP.
Leading Top 100 law firm Express Solicitors has continued to grow its caseload and now has circa 24,000 cases. The recently purchased business site at South Court is progressing well with a multi-million-pound refurbishment that will have adequate space for further expansion.
Maxey reported that Express Solicitors were buoyed to have the continued support of RBS. Maxey warned that Express Solicitors were not stopping in their search for more suitable acquisitions as they march on towards becoming the Number 1 Claimant Personal Injury firm in the UK.
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