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Liam Wynne

Chief Operating Officer

More about Liam Wynne

Chief Operating Officer, Liam Wynne is our first non-legal Partner at Express Solicitors. Since joining the firm in May 2010, he has also served as Assistant Manager and Office Manager before taking up his current role.

Liam works with all departments to make sure everyone is working together and pulling in the right direction. Liam states: “Operations is all about trying to find the most effective ways of performing all functions within a production or service environment. If you like, it’s a combination of the glue that holds things together and the oil that ensures smooth running of the business”.

Liam has a good all-round experience and knowledge of business gained from working in various management roles within both the financial services and legal sector. Operations requires a good understanding of each employees role without ever becoming a specialist and Liam’s natural desire and ability to assimilate new information has proved useful to this end.

Blessed with a good memory, Liam is able to keep tabs on everything that is going on within an extremely busy firm. A calm and analytical approach helps him give assistance and advice to other departments on opportunities for improving systems and procedures that it can sometimes be difficult to spot internally. Liam is also responsible for managing the ICT infrastructure for the entire firm.

Manchester born and bred, Liam lived in Sheffield briefly whilst at university before returning home to work in Financial Services as both a manager and financial advisor for seven years. He then changed to a management career in the legal sector and has never looked back.

The firm sponsored Liam to do a Master’s degree in Business Administration at Manchester Metropolitan University. This course included units involving; financial analysis and management; managing human performance; management for business excellence; managing customer value; contemporary issues in the international environment; corporate and business strategy in an international context; strategy implantation; and organisational renewal and change.

He is a member of the Law Management section of the Law Society, the Chartered Management Institute, and the Association of MBA’s.