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Paul Kimber


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More about Paul Kimber

Paul is a qualified solicitor who has specialised in the area of legal costs since 1996. He was involved in the so called costs wars, initially acting for Defendant insurers, but has been acting on behalf of Claimants since 2000. He was involved in the costs Court of Appeal test cases of Callery v Gray, Sarwar v Alam and Hollins v Russell (Dunn and Ward), where the Court found in favour of the Claimants in all of these cases.

Paul also successfully ran a test case in the Senior Court Costs Office called Ahmed v Powell, which lead to unregulated cost negotiators being denied rights of audience in Court.

As part of working in the area of legal costs, he enjoys doing his own advocacy and has attended hundreds of detailed assessment hearings.

As a former British Judo Champion, Pauls enjoys keeping fit. He likes walking in the countryside and practising yoga and Qi Gong.