Welcome to Express Solicitors

If you’ve reached this page after visiting another law firm’s website, it’s likely to be because we’ve purchased that law firm.

We are a top 200 personal injury specialist legal practice – one of the biggest in the entire UK.

We are rapidly growing, but our focus is always on supporting injured people against the big insurance companies – this is why we take on cases other law firms aren’t willing to accept.

If the law firm you were dealing with, or have dealt with previously, has been purchased by us, rest assured you’re in good hands.

You can call us at any time to find out more about what’s happening with your case, if you haven’t already received information explaining that we’ve taken your claim on.

If you are looking for services offered by a law firm we’ve purchased that aren’t of a personal injury nature, we can signpost you to another firm who can help.

Our recent acquisitions:

McKays Solicitors

On 5th November 2020, McKays Solicitors Limited was purchased by Express Solicitors Limited. Adam McKay and Paul Richardson retired from practice that day, but McKays’ business and your file with the person representing you all remains in place and progressing of course. Should you have any queries about this, please contact us to find out the status of your claim.