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Car crash victim awarded compensation after hit and run road accident

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When a BMW driver caused Gary Briggs to crash his car they sped off, leaving no trace of themselves behind. Despite Gary sustaining extremely serious injuries, the lack of witnesses and a confirmed culprit meant any claim for compensation would be fraught with complications.

Our solicitor and partner, Robin Patey, doesn’t like turning down challenges and saw Mr Briggs as a victim of reckless driving who deserved a significant settlement for his pain.

After a protracted legal battle, Robin secured Gary £115,000 in compensation through the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB).

Reckless BMW driver flees the scene of the crime

In September 2004, Gary Briggs was driving from London to Essex when a BMW overtook him at speed. However, having clearly missed their exit from the dual carriageway they cut in front of Gary’s car, causing him to spin out and collide with the inside central reservation, bouncing to the outside reservation, before his car fell onto its side.

The BMW driver didn’t stop at the scene, instead speeding off from the incident. Because the driver failed to stop and exchange details, and there were no reliable witnesses, the offending driver remained untraceable.

Gary’s injuries were severe, with his wrist bone cutting through the skin as well as his elbow protruding from the back of his arm.

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Claiming compensation from an unknown guilty party

Express Solicitors’ Robin Patey took on Gary’s claim, and the challenge of this unusual case. In the absence of a guilty party on which to bring the charges, Robin fought the compensation claim through the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB).

The claim was initially rejected by the MIB as the bureau deemed there was insufficient evidence of the BMW and no witnesses to the accident. However, Robin lodged an appeal on behalf of Gary and the claim was accepted.

In addition, Gary was training to be an accountant at the time of the accident and Robin and the team asked the MIB to consider the effect of his injuries upon his employment prospects, particularly as Gary’s vocational training was delayed.

Huge payout in the face of mounting odds

Despite the challenges of determining liability for Gary’s injuries and trauma, Robin and the team’s appeal to the MIB was accepted and a compensation package was negotiated.

Mr Briggs was overjoyed with the settlement that Robin agreed: “I only expected to win around £40-£50,000 in compensation so I was delighted to be told by Express Solicitors that the sum won was £115,000. This accounted for the fact that my injuries were so serious and that I had psychological injuries too,”

Not only was Gary ecstatic with the money and how it would help him rebuild his career after his training was put on hold, he was extremely pleased with how his case was handled:

“Robin Patey who looked after my case handled it very sensitively and the service that I got from him was perfect. I hope I never have to use the firm again but I would recommend Express Solicitors to my friends and family or to anybody else who has been involved in an accident like mine. The Motor Insurance Bureau was going to refuse my case but Express Solicitors fought hard and got it reinstated – the firm never gave up on me and brought my case to a successful conclusion.”

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