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Express Solicitors secure double the quoted compensation for car crash victim

When Joan Dodds was involved in a traffic collision close to her home, she thought that her claim for compensation a car accident would be a relatively straightforward affair.

However, her claim dragged on and on, despite there being an early admission of liability. Eventually she was only offered a relatively paltry sum for her injuries and trouble.

Her decision to approach Express Solicitors proved to be a prudent one. Her case was accelerated and prioritised, leading her to get £7,000 – more than twice the compensation she was originally quoted.

Collision fractures spine and sternum

Joan and her husband had only just left their house in their car when another driver lost control of his vehicle and careered directly into the passenger side, where Joan was sitting.

Despite the relatively low speed of the collision, Joan still sustained very serious injuries and had to be rushed to hospital.

She had to stay in treatment for three weeks with a fractured spine and fractured sternum, as well as severe bruising on her body.

How to claim for a road traffic accident

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How much compensation can I claim for a road traffic accident?

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A not so simple claim for compensation

Joan was advised to seek out legal advice so initially went to a local personal injury solicitor firm in Tewksbury. She was less than enthralled with how her case was being handled:

“My claim dragged on and on and almost two years later there had still been no progress. In addition, I was told that I would receive just £3,000 for my injuries at the very most.”

Joan, disillusioned but no less determined, sought legal action elsewhere. After Express Solicitors were recommended by a friend, she contacted us directly.

A quicker, painless conclusion to Joan’s claim

Joan quickly realised that she’d made the right decision in switching firms as within six months, she’d accepted a £7,000 compensation package for her injuries from her insurance company, over twice what she was promised from her original firm.

After a needlessly protracted saga with other firms for her claim, she was delighted with the service she received from our team:

“From my lawyer through to the secretaries and receptionist, everybody I dealt with at Express Solicitors was professional, helpful and polite.

“Hopefully I will never have to use the firm again but I would definitely recommend the firm to anybody who needs to make a claim.”

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