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Express Solicitors win £500,000 for car crash victim

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After a car crash left 23 year old Lindsay Preston with life altering injuries and burns across nearly half her body, she was told her claim for compensation was ‘too difficult’ by several claims management companies.

We listened to Lindsay, saw the traumatic events she’d gone through and didn’t accept that she shouldn’t get all the help she deserved to live a happy and comfortable life. With our help, £500,000 was secured for Lindsay’s claim.

Fiery crash leaves a young woman with debilitating injuries

Lindsay Preston, 23, from Cornwall, was on a driving lesson when her car was struck by another vehicle and burst into flames.

Her burns were so severe, she had to be put into a medically induced coma for six weeks, as well as having five fingers and her right ear amputated.

After waking from the coma Lindsay thought she would be out of hospital quickly and able to return to work as a beauty therapist. But her injuries were so severe she had to abandon her fledgling career and spent three months in hospital recovering.

Her father was forced to quit his job in order to aid her recovery and moving forward, the family entered difficult financial straits, with Lindsay unable to work either.

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Case dismissed out of hand by claims management companies

It was during her stay in hospital when she saw advertisements from claims management firms suggesting she might be entitled to loss of earnings because of her injuries.

Lindsay’s claim for compensation was turned down by several claims management companies for being ‘too difficult’. Thankfully, Lindsay and her family’s search for justice continued and she approached us for legal representation.

Richard Lowery, partner and solicitor at Express Solicitors, saw Lindsay’s case as one that had to be won for the future security of a whole family, “On examining cases we always make an assessment before taking them on. It was clear Lindsay’s was a case worth fighting for.”

Using expert evidence from an engineer at TRL and a driving instructor, Richard was able to prove that the accident could have been prevented and so brought forward a compelling case for a large compensation package for Lindsay.

No case ‘too difficult’ – A huge win for Lindsay

In November 2013, Lindsay finally received a settlement of £500,000. The money is allowing her and husband Robert to gradually return to normal, giving them a vital cushion to allow them to get on with their lives.

“For three-and-a-half years we were holding our breath,” Lindsay said. “We struggled to make ends meet and to scrape the pennies together each month. If it hadn’t been for the success of this case I think we would still be trying to cope.

“For most of my relationship with Robert I have been recovering from this accident, so this money means we can finally get back the time together we have lost and be like a proper couple.

“This settlement is allowing us to gradually return to a normal life.”

Lindsay’s recovery will be a long term prospect, but she’s happy to be back on her feet and training to become a childcare assistant.

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