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Express Solicitors win long legal battle for whiplash victims

Client stories

We helped a couple recover compensation for a road traffic accident claim despite the law firm assigned to them by their insurers, refusing to continue with the claim.

In 2016 Kim was driving John to work when another driver crashed into the back of their car and refused to provide their insurance details.

John called the police who then called an ambulance as Kim was beginning to feel unwell. The other driver even refused to speak to the ambulance driver and would not hand over their insurance details for two hours until the police arrived.

After the accident Kim contacted her insurers who arranged for their panel solicitors to deal with her and John’s car accident claim under their Legal Expenses Insurance.

Kim and John both suffered whiplash injuries and went for physiotherapy treatment to try and speed up their recovery. Luckily, both were able to carry on with work. Kim’s insurers put them in touch with a company who arranged repairs and a temporary replacement vehicle.

Defendant lies about the accident

This is when things started to get difficult. The Defendant alleged that the two cars didn’t touch each other, saying that Kim and John had made the whole thing up. They said the damage to their car was caused by another accident. An engineer paid for by the Defendant’s insurance company agreed, saying that there was no way the damage to Kim’s car could have been caused by the Defendant’s car.

The Solicitors appointed by Kim’s Insurers refused to carry on with their cases, leaving Kim and John high and dry. They tried to get another Solicitor to deal with the case, before contacting us.

How to claim for a road traffic accident

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How much compensation can I claim for a road traffic accident?

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Express Solicitors come to the rescue

After speaking to Kim and John, we realised they were telling the truth and went to get the evidence to support them.

We managed to obtain copies of the police call logs and ambulance notes that supported exactly what Kim and John were saying.

Kim said: “Right from the start Express Solicitors spoke to us in detail and listened to what we had to say. Instead of listening to some engineer who wasn’t there, they actually investigated everything.”

“All the way through, the Defendant was trying to get us to drop the case, but Express Solicitors believed us completely and stood by us”.

The case was delayed by the Coronavirus pandemic, but ended up going to a final trial in March 2021 at Manchester County Court. We arranged for their in-house Barrister to attend on Kim and John’s behalf.

John said: “Express Solicitors made sure we spoke to the Barrister before the hearing and she explained everything really well. On the day we knew what to expect and were ready. She was a cool as a cucumber.

“The other driver turned up and wasn’t even there for 5 minutes before the other Barrister came over and told us he wanted to settle the case. We were gob smacked. It seemed like it took four and a half years for someone to realise it was ridiculous that we would just jump out of our car and start saying there had been an accident.

“This had been hanging over us for 4.5 years. Our insurers didn’t care, the Defendant was calling us a liar, the only people on our side were Express Solicitors.”

Final settlement

In the end Kim and John recovered their treatment costs, replacement vehicle charges, repair costs, travel expenses and more than £5,000.00 between them for their injuries. John even managed to get the money he lost missing a shift of work waiting for the police.

John said: “Our insurance and original solicitors let us down badly. We paid for insurance for them to represent us. In future I would come straight to Express Solicitors, you can really tell the difference.”

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