Sound off For Justice

Express Solicitors is proud to support the Sound Off For Justice campaign which seeks to protect the rights of all individuals to have proper legal representation in court and, through this, fair access to justice.

Proposed cuts to Legal Aid will, if unchallenged, reduce the ability for individuals to seek justice for medical malpractice, employment and education issues.  This means that individuals who lack the money to bring a claim will be prevented from doing so.

Sound Off For Justice aims to challenge the proposed reforms to Legal Aid by gathering support from those affected by the cuts, individuals within the legal profession and those who simply feel that justice should be accessible to everyone regardless of financial capacity.

You can have your say and support the campaign in one of the following ways:

Visit and sign a petition to Justice Secretary, Rt Hon Ken Clarke MP

Visit and use the unique protest tool to leave a voicemail for Ken Clarke letting him know what you think of the proposed cuts to Legal Aid

You can also support the campaign via Facebook and Twitter by “liking” the Facebook page and on Twitter by following @soundoffjustice

Please show your full support and help Sound Off For Justice have the impact needed to protect access to justice for everyone, regardless of wealth.

If you feel strongly about the above campaign then you may also be interested to learn of another way that the government are attempting to restrict access to justice please see our Access To Justice Action Group page for more information and for further ways to offer support.