Abbi Mancini

Abbi Mancini

Overturned fraud accusation wins £11k car damages

When another driver shunted into the back of Abbi Mancini, he thought his claim for the damage to his car would be straight forward.

However, when Abbi from Didsbury in Manchester put his claim in, rather than admitting fault, the other driver accused Abbi of fraud, claiming that the damage to Abbi’s car was not caused by the accident but was in fact, already there. He also claimed that Abbi was not the driver, and that the driver was somebody much younger than him.

“When I got over the initial shock,” said Abbi, “it began to sink in just how serious this accusation was. If I was found guilty of fraud then I could be charged criminally, and I am no criminal.”

“I was originally working with another solicitor, but I didn’t feel confident in the firm and my brother recommended Express Solicitors, which said it would take my case all the way to trial.”

“Most firms would back away from these cases but Express Solicitors were confident that they could not only clear my name, but also win compensation for the damage to my car.”

To his relief, Express Solicitors took immediate action.

Abbi continues: “Within days the firm had put a plan in place and had started to grind out results. I felt at once that we were heading in the right direction and that was extremely reassuring.”

“Express Solicitors gave me the confidence to take the case all the way to trial, but the defendant settled on the morning of the trial. I received £1,250 for personal injury, £11,000 for damage to my car but more importantly I was cleared of fraud.”

“Throughout this distressing time, Express Solicitors acted professionally and very efficiently, preparing and organising counter moves at each turn.”

“To be accused of fraud is not nice and it has been a turbulent time but I am delighted that justice has been done. Without Express Solicitors, I don’t know where I would be now.”

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