Andrew Flannigan

Andrew Flannigan

Express Solicitors helps Manchester man win £14k damages for RTA

Andrew Flannigan of Worsley, Greater Manchester, recently won £14,000 compensation following a road traffic accident, with help from Express Solicitors.

However, the story might not have had such a happy ending.

When another vehicle hit his car, Andrew sustained injuries to his back and neck.

Liability was admitted straight away and Andrew’s insurance company provided a legal firm to look after his case.

“My work as a cabler is physical so I was given an office job because my back and neck injuries rendered me unable to carry on,” said Andrew.

“It was therefore very important to the company that I got back on my feet as soon as possible.”

“When the accident happened, my insurance company put me in touch with its solicitors, who arranged a medical examination.  Everything seemed to take an age and then the first offer the firm came in with was a mere £2,000, which I decided not to accept.”

“The offer was then upped to £3,000, but after being kept in the dark for so long – and still suffering – I decided the time had come to switch law firms.”

“I approached Express Solicitors, who took me on and said my injuries were worth a lot more.  I was eventually awarded £14,000 which paid for the treatments I needed for my injuries.  In addition, the solicitor I dealt with arranged for me to get psychological help too.”

“I’m still office based but hopefully this won’t be for long.  The £14,000 I received will cover treatments to alleviate my back and neck problems and I will soon be well on the road to recovery.”

“Thank goodness I took the initiative to change solicitors or else I would still be in the same position as I was almost three years ago.  Thank you Express Solicitors for such a significant compensation sum and a professional understanding.”

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