Carol Cawley

Express achieves £25,000 after pub slip

The accident on 28 May 2010 happened when Carol went outside for a cigarette, but slipped on the tiles and hit her left foot on a cast iron pole.  Carol smashed her ankle and ended up with a metal plate in her leg, one large screw and seven small screws through her ankle as well as severe scarring to her leg.

Speaking about her accident, Carol explains:  “I was taken to hospital by ambulance on the Friday night, operated on and kept in until the Monday. My leg was in plaster cast for eight weeks in total then I was required to wear a space boot for another four weeks as I wasn’t allowed to put weight on my ankle.

“I was off work from South West Trains for six months and during this time, I struggled to look after the house.  Luckily I was given physiotherapy and this helped my recovery very much.  I’m now left with an 11 inch scar down one side of my leg, four inches down the other and metal plates and screws for life.”

Carol had used Express Solicitors before following an accident at work in 2006.  Pleased with the compensation they achieved for her then, Carol decided to contact the firm again when she injured her ankle.

“An advisor came to see me initially then solicitor Laura Edegely handled my claim over the phone.  I really appreciated her kindness and patience, particularly as I’m dyslexic and have difficulty reading.  If she wrote to me, Laura followed it up with a phone call to ensure I fully understood what was happening and her secretary was fantastic with me too.  I felt the whole team at Express Solicitors had a lot of empathy and worked very hard to get me the compensation they said I deserved.

“Thanks to Laura I received £25,000 for my injuries, loss of earnings, care assistance and any potential treatment I may need in the future.  I’m delighted with the outcome and cannot thank her and the firm enough.”

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