David Sutcliffe

David Sutcliffe was working as a recovery operator in Keighley when he sustained a severe injury to his wrist that left him with a permanent disability. Two other law firms turned down his case before Express Solicitors not only took it on but also won him substantial damages of £115,000 in what proved to be a complex liability case.

David was out on vehicle recovery job at Hebden Bridge for his employer when the accident happened. A hand brake failure on the vehicle he was recovering caused it to roll backwards and knock him off the back of his wagon, causing severe injuries to his arm and shoulder. He explains: “I was knocked into the road and severely damaged my arm and shoulder. I was immediately taken to A&E and operated on that evening. The injury meant I was out of action for 16 weeks, during which I couldn’t work or drive and was in a great deal of pain. “I approached two law firms, one of them a highly respected personal injury lawyers. Both of them said I didn’t have a case so I just left it. Then a year after the accident, I came across Express Solicitors by complete fluke. An investigator for the firm had come into my brother-in-law’s workshop looking for someone else and my brother-in-law got his card.

I called Express Solicitors, spoke to Robin Patey about the accident and he said he could bring a claim on my behalf. The rest is history. “Robin got the papers from the previous lawyers and said I had a good case. I was amazed and reassured by his confidence, particularly as the other two law firms had none. It was because of this that I decided anything I won would be a bonus, so I was delighted at receiving £115,000. “Robin and all his colleagues at Express Solicitors were supportive, pleasant and helpful.

No claim is going to be completely stress free but I can honestly say that the firm put me at ease and made me feel very confident because I knew it was in safe hands.” £115,000 was agreed during a joint settlement meeting between Robin and the Defendant’s representatives.

Liability was settled on a 50/50 basis. Due to his injury, David had to leave the job he loved but is now employed in an office role by another recovery firm. He concludes: “Express Solicitors spotted I had a case where other law firms thought I had none. Robin fought it well and got me a great sum. I would highly recommend the firm to anybody who thinks they may have a case, it is always worth double checking!”

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