Ian Jacobs

£16,500 for Ian           

When Optical Express left a bandaged contact lens in Ian Jacobs’ eye following laser eye surgery, causing months of discomfort and pain as well as long term damage to his eye, Express Solicitors won £16,500 compensation on his behalf.

Ian, an electrician from Park Gate in Southampton, wore glasses for around 20 years due to being longsighted, but found they caused problems at work where they would continuously fall off or break.  For this reason he decided to have laser eye surgery and put his trust in Optical Express at Southampton’s WestQuay shopping centre.

His surgery, involving lasering both eyes and having a KAMRA lens inserted in his left eye, took place on 22 June 2010.  However, while Ian’s right eye recovered quickly and he could see out of it better than before, his left eye steadily worsened and caused him months of pain and discomfort.

He said:  “My eyesight in my left eye didn’t improve at all and I started to get really bad headaches. It got to the point where I couldn’t work or drive.  My sight out of this eye was very blurry and every time I went into a darkened room it became more painful.  Also, I was constantly using eye drops in this eye as it kept drying out.

“Following the surgery, I went back to the opticians about 10 times to discuss the pain and blurred vision, but every time I came away none the wiser.  Although I was worried, each time I saw an optician they told me to ‘trust us’ and that my ‘eyesight would eventually improve’.  In total, four different opticians checked my eyes during the10 check-ups and it wasn’t until November, when I was still complaining of blurred vision and headaches, one optician asked why I was wearing a contact lens in my left eye and pulled out a bandaged lens.

“I was in shock as I knew it must have been left in since the procedure five months earlier.  I wrote an email to Optical Express and within five minutes I got a call offering a full refund for the procedure and £100 for expenses, as well as a disclaimer asking me to keep the incident confidential.  It was then I got angry and decided to make a proper claim, as when I looked online, I saw this bandaged lens, which had been missed and left in for months, should have been removed 24 hours after the operation.  Optical Express didn’t really care about what they had done or that I was left feeling miserable and let down.”

Ian contacted Injury Lawyers 4 U who put him touch with Express Solicitors.  Trainee solicitor Georgina Tither worked with Ian to bring his case to fruition and won him £16,500 for pain, suffering and long term damage to the eye.

“Georgina was fantastic,” Ian said, “she was very polite and helped explain everything to me properly in layman’s terms.  The first offer on the table was for £8,000 but Georgina helped negotiate this up to £16,500 and importantly, Optical Express admitted liability.  I would highly recommend Express Solicitor to anyone wishing to bring a claim.”

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