Mike P

£75,000 for Mike    

Express Solicitors brought a claim against University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust and won £75,000 for Mike P, who thanks his son Jack for supporting him and ensuring he got the treatment he needed when he was initially let down by his local hospital.

Mike, a 60 year old sailing enthusiast from Hampshire, first fell ill on 28 December 2008 prompting Jack to make an emergency 999 call.  Taken by ambulance to Southampton General Hospital, Mike was only given pain relief and then discharged at four o’clock in the morning.  Over the next few days, Mike’s conditioned worsened and eventually he was rushed back into hospital on New Year’s Eve where he underwent an emergency laparotomy for a burst appendix.

He says:  “When I was discharged from hospital the first time I was still very ill and in immense pain, which meant my son had to do everything for me.  The pain persisted and, luckily, I called my doctor’s surgery on New Year’s Eve and got in to see him before he left for the day.  He sent me straight to hospital where it was found I had a ruptured appendix that had become gangrenous.  I was in a very serious condition and during this time, was in a great deal of pain, frightened and frail.

“Following my operation I had to have three months off work, during which time my son, with the help of my friend and neighbour Arthur, did everything for me including cooking, shopping and cleaning, as well as helping to wash and dress me.”

In February 2010, Mike was forced to undergo a second operation at South Hants Hospital to deal with a hernia, which developed as a result of his appendix rupturing before it could be removed.  Once again, he had to take a couple of months off work and seek help from family members.  Following his operations, Mike has been left with chronic abdominal pain, which is helped by resting when the pain becomes intolerable.

With respect to his fitness, Mike said: “I find it difficult to accept that I’m completely different to how I was before the ruptured appendix.  I was a very fit and active man – I have sailed since the age of four – but now I’m a shadow of my former self.  Sadly, because of this incident I’m not fit enough to race so it’s prevented me from continuing a pleasure that I enjoyed.”

Aware of his situation, a work colleague recommended Express Solicitors to Mike, whose case was brought to fruition by Hannah Bottomley in the clinical negligence department.

“Hannah was a breath of fresh air,” explains Mike, “she was a real professional who listened, did her homework and knew my case in detail.  What this meant was that she was confident enough to make important legal judgement calls when necessary.

“I cannot speak highly enough of Hannah and the way she handled my case, she’s a fantastic solicitor, with the skill and ability to absorb information, picking up a very complex case and getting me the compensation I deserved.   I must say that no amount of money will ever make up for the pain and distress I went through and continue to go through, but Express Solicitors did the best job possible and I would recommend them to anyone else thinking of bringing a claim.”

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