Pearl Marson

Pearl Marson

Pearl receives £5,500    

The accident happened on 13 November 2010 during a night shift at the nursing home where Pearl worked.  Pearl was climbing the steps of the laundry room, with washing in her hands, when she fell backwards, breaking her fifth metatarsal bone in her right foot.

Without realising the extent of her injury, Pearl completed her shift before driving home and taking painkillers.  It wasn’t until she woke that afternoon and the effect of the painkillers had worn off that she realised how serious her injury was.

Pearl said:  “When I got out of bed, my foot was so painful that my son took me straight to the hospital.  An X-ray revealed a fracture and I was put in plaster for six weeks.  It was not only painful but also extremely inconvenient, as I couldn’t drive or work for four months.

“Of course, my son and daughter helped around the house and a good friend came to stay, but in the meantime my boss refused to pay me a full wage and I only received statutory sick pay.  It was at this point that my family encouraged me to make a claim for compensation.

“I contacted Express Solicitors and Robert Weeden looked after my case; he told me I would be eligible to claim as my employers had failed in their duty of care.  He made a claim against the home and at first the home’s solicitors wanted me to take 50% of the blame, however Robert advised me against doing so.  In the end I received £5,500 for loss of earnings, care and assistance and the injury itself.

“The compensation I received has been spent on bills and on those people who were kind to me when I was immobile. The rest has been put in an ISA for a rainy day.

“The service I received throughout the whole process couldn’t be faulted, it was fantastic.  I was informed of what was happening every step of the way, which made it easier for me to deal with.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the firm to anybody that finds themselves in my position.”


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