Richard Stait

Richard Stait

£143,000 secured following forklift truck accident

When a forklift truck went into his electric tug, Richard Stait from the West Midlands was told he would never work again.

Richard was driving an electric tug through a warehouse at the Jaguar plant at Castle Bromwich when a fork lift truck ploughed into the side of his vehicle.

During the accident, the electric tug lifted off the ground before landing heavily on its wheels.

Richard explains: “When the tug lifted off the ground I too was lifted and then slammed back into my seat when it landed. As I did so, I hit the steering wheel with my ribs and unbeknown to me at the time I crushed three discs in my spine.”

“It was because the pain was so severe in my ribs that I didn’t realise that I had three prolapsed discs. However, when my ribs started to heal and the pain began to subside, the pain in my back became more apparent.”

Richard was working at Jaguar through his employer Excel Recruitment, which argued in Court that his back was damaged prior to his accident.

“How would I have passed my thirteen week trial to work with Excel with three prolapsed discs?” asks Richard.

“Express Solicitors took Excel to Court and I was awarded £143,000. I was delighted with the result, but it was also the right result and necessary as I will never work again.”

“At one point the insurance to fight the case was withdrawn but Express Solicitors stood firm and said ‘we will fight it’. I received a personal service which was both courteous and efficient and I would have no hesitation in recommending Express Solicitors to anybody else who finds themselves in the unfortunate position I was in.”

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