Victoria Holgate

Victoria Awarded £10,000    

Vicki Holgate decided on a confidence boosting breast enlargement after the birth of her two children left her in need of a lift, both physically and mentally.

Yet it wasn’t rushed into. Vicki spent two years unhappy with her size, but satisfied that she needed to find the right surgeon for the job she did thorough research on the internet and in person.

She explains: “After having two young children, I wasn’t happy with my breasts so I decided on an enlargement. It wasn’t a decision I took lightly and I bided my time until a friend recommended a surgeon who she had used and was happy with.”

The operation was carried out in March 2005 after the surgeon had asked Vicki to sign a general consent form on which the implant choice was left blank, but the size was stated.

It was when Vicki went for a check up and to have her stitches removed four weeks after the operation that she first raised concerns about her breasts being rippled, asymmetrical and misshapen. The nurse she spoke to asked her to give them a chance to ‘settle down’.

Vicki continues: “I was patient and didn’t go back for 18 months. I knew my body needed to get used to the implants but I couldn’t ignore the fact they were getting worse. I saw a different surgeon who admitted ‘yes there was rippling and the implant should have been placed under the muscle’. My implants weren’t placed under the muscle, just the skin, which meant they were moving about and causing the rippling.

“I needed corrective surgery and on top of that a breast lift – my skin was too thin to hold the implants in place and my breasts had therefore been dragged down. At first they said no to any operation then they had a change of heart and agreed to correct the breasts but not give me a lift. I knew then I had to get a solicitor involved. I wasn’t looking for any financial gain, simply to get my breasts looking like they should be.”

Vicki had used Express Solicitors before following a road traffic accident. Delighted with the outcome, she had no hesitation in using the firm again. “My solicitor was just brilliant and I felt relieved straight away that I had someone on my side, fighting my corner. A thorough investigation was carried out and although she had to ask a lot of questions, I felt relaxed. At last somebody would take notice of what I was going through – as it was extremely distressing – and I was working towards a positive outcome.

“In the end I was awarded £10,000 to have another operation elsewhere. This sum also included an uplift and compensation for the distress I’ve been through.

“The surgeon failed in many ways. He failed to put the implants under the muscle, failed to advise me on the options, risks or benefits of both types of procedure (under the muscle and over the muscle) and failed to offer a reasonable degree of skill or care in my treatment.

“I will have another breast augmentation, but I’m being ultra-cautious and am looking into a different procedure that will use the fat from my own body. I’ve been burnt once and I won’t let it happen again!”

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