With the Tour De France ready for this year’s Grand Départ, here’s why you should get ‘on yer bike’ this sporting season…

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Cycle or Drive?

Three Quarters of a million more people cycle to work than in 2003
Although 60% of people still drive to work, there has been a 17% increase in people taking to cycling in the past ten years. More cycle lanes, better changing facilities at work and more awareness on the road make the daily commute that little bit easier.

Burn the Calories

A 30 minute cycle to work could burn up to four Kit Kats!
Cycling is a great way to incorporate exercise into busy day. Cycle to and from work and you could burn up 830 calories per hour compared to 136 if you choose to drive. Just one cycle to work could burn either four Kit Kats, three packets of crisps or a bacon sarnie!

Skip the Jam

UK commuters spend 43% of time stuck in traffic
The UK is one of Europe’s most congested nations and if you’re a city commuter, a daily bike trip to work could actually save you more time and leave you less stressed. An MIT study in Lyon, France, found that bikes are 50% faster than cars during rush hour. With that sort of time saving, that could mean a much bigger lie-in!

Save Your Pennies

You could save £900 a year, get that holiday booked
And that’s just on the cost of your commute! According to the RAC, it costs an average of £6,689 to run a car for the year. With the rising cost of insurance, maintenance and the huge increase in fuel prices, a bike is a much cheaper option. At £400 for a bike, you’d make a saving of over £6K a year if you ditch the car completely.

Save the World

Cars and taxis account for 43% of road transport greenhouse gas
We all know that cars are bad for the environment, so getting on your bike can help to save the world and reduce carbon footprint. Every mile you ride will save around 1lb of CO2. It’s crazy when you think a daily 12 mile bike ride can save the world almost one stone of bad pollution!

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Simple Steps to ensure Safety

If you’re planning on hitting the roads this summer, by bike or car, it’s important that you are aware of safety information. Over 19,000 cyclists are killed or seriously injured on the roads each year, so following a few simple guidelines may help to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable, accident free summer.

  • Red means ‘stop’
  • Wear Helmets and Seatbelts
  • Be careful at junctions
  • Keep well lit at night
  • Be aware of blind spots
  • Respect other road users
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