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Daniel Slade

Senior Partner

Daniel Slade

Senior Partner

Daniel Slade is the Senior Partner of Express Solicitors and a Director, having been instrumental to the company since joining in 2003.

Daniel leads technical issues of law the company spearheads in the UK with its many cases of utmost importance to the public and development of the law and legal practice.

Daniel also leads the company’s catastrophic injury offering for those who’ve suffered the most serious accidents for multi-million losses with a particular expertise in severe TBIs, amputations, pain syndromes, fatal accidents, spinal cord injuries, and cases involving complex issues of capacity, PPO needs (reverse indemnity agreements/abatement PPO clauses), accommodation, care, case management needs, and complex income calculations, including foreign considerations.

Daniel heads the company’s public and other complex dispute team which faces some of the most challenging issues of liability, including group actions, pharmaceutical cases, product liability claims with design issues, sporting accidents, all types of foreign accidents, as well as cases involving complex cross-border and jurisdictional aspects of law.

Daniel led the UK arm of the US litigation against GlaxoSmithKline for type-2 diabetes sufferers, contending heart attacks, strokes, and other heart failures, including many deaths from GSK medications prescribed to the majority of type-2 diabetes sufferers from the late nineties for more than 10 years.

Daniel has represented TV personalities, national sports personalities, and even County Court judges following their own accidents. Daniel has been described as “a specialist in catastrophic injury High Court cases” (Legal 500) and leading a “very professional and caring team that includes the knowledgeable Daniel Slade” (Chambers & Partners).

Notable cases

AAA v. Tyco Electronics & Ors (High Court, Manchester, 04.03.22) Claim originally failed by Slater & Gordon in Manchester. Pedestrian RTC suffered by a 26yr old from Cornwall. Liability dispute involving a road-crossing against traffic. Complex causation issues, including childhood epilepsy, drug use and criminal behaviour, likely childcare needs and issues around care and deputyship. Quantum- £7,656,318.55

Brown v. Arriva [2017] EWHC 3211 (QB) (HHJ Cotter QC). Claim originally failed by Irwin Mitchell in London. Amputation injury following pedestrian RTC suffered by a 50yr old recruitment consultant. Liability trial involving complex issues of video/accident-reconstruction and speed/injury threshold expert opinion. Complex issues on care, accommodation, uninjured employability, and prosthetic needs. Quantum- £3,000,000.00.

Farooq v. Pinnacle PSG & Ors (High Court, London, 25.06.18).  Tripping claim for a 17yr old from London who fell with typical minimal impact onto his knees, but unfortunately suffered bi-lateral tendon ruptures, mismanaged by the NHS and neglected from rehabilitation until Daniel’s involvement. Complex issues surrounding ethnic-genetic allegations. Quantum- £6,400,000.00

AA v. CC (High Court, London, 20.11.19). Pedestrian RTC suffered by a 10yr old from London. The Met police gathered very little and conflicting evidence. The Claimant suffered severe traumatic brain injuries, erupting into psychological school truancy, convictions and imprisonment. Involved complex issues of accident-reconstruction and speed/injury threshold expert opinion, and complex arguments on care, deputyship, and uninjured employability. Before any contributory negligence. Quantum- £4,125,000.00.

Adams v. Gibson [2016] EWHC 3209 (QB) (Justice Freedman QC). Pedestrian RTC suffered by a 40yr labourer old from London. Liability trial involving complex issues of accident-reconstruction and speed/injury threshold expert opinion. The Claimant suffered severe traumatic brain injuries, before being detained for deportation. Complex issues on causation including alcohol, care, deputyship, accommodation, and uninjured employability and domicile. Quantum- £3,600,000.00.

AB v. Rawlings (High Court, London, 15.10.20). Passenger RTC suffered by a 14yr old from Berkshire, with a history of convictions, suffering fluctuating litigation capacity. Case involved complex arguments over pre-assault causation, neuroradiological evidence, mitigation, and contributory negligence. Quantum- £2,700,000.00.

AA v. CC (High Court, Manchester, 04.05.21) Passenger RTC suffered by a 56yr old television extra from Ross-on-Wye. The Claimant had suffered a previous head injury and had a psychiatric history. She suffered severe traumatic brain injuries, with recovery sufficient to allow her financial capacity. Complex issues surrounding case management, care, accommodation, and income losses.  Quantum- £1,300,000.00.

Bissett v. Heliyorks (Darlington County Court, 20.12.19) Complex helicopter claim involving a 36yr old specialist offshore gas platform electrician. A flying phobia led to therapy followed by a flying lesson. In that the pilot took off despite his protest to be let out him of the helicopter, which impacted on his phobia recovery. He sued for wrongful detainment and imprisonment.  His opponent argued no cause of action and thus immunity from such wrongs. Complex arguments over ‘carriage for reward’ pursuant to the Carriage by Air (Application of Provisions ) Order 2004. Succeeded in securing a compromise of £50,000.00

Steyn v. Aneurin Beven University Health Board (Cardiff County Court, 20.04.21) Legally complex case involving a 52yr old voluntary in-patient in a psychiatric ward who succeeded in her ombudsman complaint after an assault from another patient suffering a fractured clavicle leading to limited mobility in her right shoulder. The ombudsman awarded £750 for the failings of the Health Board. Complex arguments over the principles of res judicata, and whether use of the ombudsman deprived her the right to claim. Succeeded in securing a compromise of £25,000.00


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