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Baker wins £80,000 in compensation after poor working conditions cause permanent damage to his back

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Mr Jones, a baker in a busy production position, made frequent complaints about his working conditions to his employer about the nature of his work and the strain it was having on his back.

These complaints were ignored until Mr Jones permanently injured his back at work and was forced out of work. Our solicitor, Robert Weeden, made sure they were held to account when he secured £80,000 in compensation for their former employee.

Repetitive strain and poor conditions cost a baker his job

Mr Jones’s job as a baker required him to work on a busy production line, often without appropriate breaks, under excessive pressure, and without sufficient staff to deal with the demand.

He was instructed to lift racks of product in and out of large ovens as well as repeated lifting and movement of other products which, after years of poor working conditions, caused poor posture and excessive pressure on his lower back. He made frequent complaints to his employer but his working patterns, duties, or conditions remained the same.

Following an intense shift, Mr Jones began to feel a severe pain in his back and down into his legs. After reporting his symptoms, he went to his GP who signed him off of work due to his injuries.

Shortly after this, Mr Jones’s employers terminated his contract, putting him under extreme financial pressure in addition to his painful injuries.

Securing a settlement that reflects both the causes and effects of injuries

Mr Jones came to us to explore his legal options and represent him in an injury at work claim against his now former employers. The nature of his working conditions, coupled with the dismissive attitude his concerns were dealt with, ultimately led to not only him losing his job, but also putting his future employment prospects in jeopardy.

His injury caused him difficulty in finding alternative employment of a physical nature, which is what his experience was based on. The team took Mr Jones’ treatment at the hands of his former employer extremely seriously and sought to hold them to account for the difficulties he suffered and will continue to endure.

Considerable payout for Mr Jones

The team were able to secure a significant compensation package of £80,000 for Mr Jones following his dismissal, based on his loss of potential earnings as a result of his injury.

A huge victory for an individual against their former employer, this settlement will help secure Mr Jones’s financial security moving forward and adequately reflects the pain he’s been in and the difficulties he expects in the job market moving forward.

Robert summarised the approach to getting Mr Jones a settlement that reflected his past, current and future situation, “We made sure that, when looking to maximise and secure the best possible settlement for Mr Jones, it was important to not only look at how the injury had affected him in the past but also how it may affect him in the future ensuring that the settlement took this into account.”

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