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Cleaner receives £27,000 in compensation after accident making bed

Client stories

A client who injured her arms on a low ceiling beam while making a bed for the defendant won £27,000, despite an opening settlement offer of £10,000.

Many of the aspects of the case were uncomfortable and upsetting for the claimant, but Rachel Diskin and the Express Solicitors team took time to understand her concerns and guide her through the legal process of claiming for an injury at work with compassion, understanding, and determination.

Low hanging beam injures both arms

In June 2012, the client was briefly working as a housekeeper and was cleaning a bedroom which contained a low ceiling beam over the bed. Despite the client being small in stature herself, she still had to duck under the beam to get to the bed.

During the changing of bedlinen, the client injured both arms on the low beams.

Medical evidence was obtained from a consultant that suggested that she would need to undergo further treatment, including physiotherapy and steroid injections.

Due to a personal history involving a family member passing away due to ongoing medical issues but after undergoing steroid injections, the client was very reluctant to do the same.

Fighting for fair compensation

The defendant’s insurers quickly admitted liability of the accident, so the majority of proceedings were around finding a compensation package appropriate to the extent of the client’s injuries.

It was apparent that the client’s personal experiences with steroid injections made the case all the more distressing for her so it was our duty to help guide her through proceedings with care and understanding. As the case progressed, she discussed her experience with Express Solicitors’ Rachel Diskin and the treating doctors and was supported through her apprehensions with the main concern being her healthy recovery. She did decide to undergo the steroid injections which aided in her recovery.

Towards the beginning of proceedings, the defendant had made an original offer of £10,000 to settle the case. At the time, the medical evidence was not finalised but the claimant knew her injuries were worth more than this so did not accept this offer. Moving forward, the defendant demanded that the claimant provide strict proof that the injuries and subsequent losses that she had suffered were the result of the accident as up until this point, the medical evidence was in dispute.

There was concern amongst the claimant’s side that the fact that she had hesitated to accept the steroid injections could go against her in court. It was posited that, because she had not taken them as soon as suggested, that they weren’t related to her original injury and therefore the injuries weren’t as serious as they were.

Thankfully, the claimant and Rachel Diskin held strong against this line and the medical evidence was in their favour.

A deservedly impressive payout

As the medical evidence began to support the claimant’s case even more, the defendant made an increased settlement offer of £27,000, which she decided to accept.

Rachel Diskin was happy for her client on a professional and personal level for her victory, “It came at a perfect time for her as in her own personal life her grandparents, who lived in France, were quite poorly and so she wished to visit them with her family to make some lasting memories. All in all, it was a great result for the client in this matter given that the medical evidence had never been agreed by the defendants, and the defendants ended up nearly tripling the first offer that they had made previously.”

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