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Express Solicitors secure compensation and rehabilitation support for brain injured client

Client stories

Express Solicitors solicitor and partner, Sharon Denby, successfully negotiated significant compensation for an accident at work and rehabilitation support for a client suffering with brain damage after a workplace incident.

Mr Padden, who was the victim of a terrible head injury at work, had high praise for Express Solicitors’ professional and compassionate handling of his case,

“I felt Express Solicitors and Sharon had my best interests at heart and were fighting my corner.”

Skull fracture and inappropriate treatment

Mr Padden was working as a waste disposal operative when another employee drove one skip into another, causing a collision with Mr Padden’s head. He suffered a depressed skull fracture as a result.

Following the incident, Mr Padden did not receive appropriate treatment at the local hospital, causing him to develop a life-threatening brain abscess. This required surgery and left Mr Padden with brain damage.

As a result of his injuries, Mr Padden was unable to return to work and suffered continued struggles as a result of an insurance dispute. Because his employers’ insurers argued that the severity of the brain damage could have been due to medical negligence, as opposed to the original incident, they delayed interim payments until they were forced into them.

Approaching the case with compassion and determination

Express Solicitors approached this case with the care and compassion it deserved, helping Mr Padden reach a fair compensation package at a pace he felt was comfortable.

“I was very happy with the service I received from Express Solicitors”, Mr Padden said. “My solicitor, Sharon Denby, saw me at my home to provide advice at the beginning of my claim; this put me at ease and I felt confident about pursuing my claim with the firm.

“Sharon would meet me face-to-face and was able to explain the more difficult parts of the claim to me in a very professional and understandable way. After meeting with her, I didn’t feel stressed about things such as medical evidence or the evidence presented by the defendant.

“I wasn’t overwhelmed by court proceedings either, as Sharon explained everything and I felt reassured I was in good hands.

“I didn’t feel pressured into making any big decisions quickly and she provided all the information I needed to make up my mind in a clear and understandable way.”

Express Solicitors secure compensation and support

After successful legal proceedings, Sharon was able to win Mr Padden the compensation he deserved for his injuries and treatment.

On top of that, Express Solicitors secured a suitable case manager to look after Mr Padden’s rehabilitation needs. As a result, Mr Padden gained access to a psychologist, occupational therapist and rehabilitation workers who helped him take back control of his life.

Thanks to his rehabilitation, Mr Padden is now able to move on with his life on his own terms. He enjoys working as a volunteer at a local foodbank and as a hospital porter. Sharon still works alongside Mr Padden, acting as his trustee and giving continued practical support and advice.

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