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Man claims £200,000 after getting hit with metallic sheet pile at work

Client stories

When a client was working at his job as a Machine Operator and Banksman for a construction company, he was badly injured at work by a large piece of sheet pile – a large metallic sheet which interlocks with others to form a wall.

After his initial incident caused long term injuries, he approached us for legal representation. Following a protracted legal battle, we helped him secure a compensation settlement of over £200,000 in damages against his employer.

Man struck with large metallic sheet at work

Our client was injured while working at his construction job for the Defendant when the accident occurred. He was struck by a large piece of sheet pile: a large, heavy metallic plate which connects to others to form structures. The offending sheet was approximately 8m long and 3m wide and struck the Claimant in the left upper limb, abdomen and left forearm.

He was thrown six feet in the air and landed approximately 20 feet away from where he was struck; a truly horrific impact that left him with severe injuries and unable to work for a long time.

On top of the immediate physical injuries, our client developed chronic pain syndrome and experienced mood changes and irritability.

The impact started a medical chain of events that put a great strain on his life as well. As a result of the blunt force abdominal trauma, he also developed an exacerbation of his asymptomatic diverticulitis which developed into peritonitis. Despite having to regularly take pain and anti-inflammatory medication, he needed to undergo a bowel resection and colostomy as a result of the peritonitis. This then had to be reversed with an ileostomy.

One errant sheet of metal led a man down a long path of injuries, psychological trauma, long term illness, and invasive treatments which left him unable to live a normal life.

He found walking or sitting for long periods of time, sleeping, and carrying out basic chores to be extremely difficult. He had to use a walking stick and relied on his wife for assistance in performing personal care tasks. Eventually, it became apparent that he wouldn’t be able to return to his job, putting him and his family under more financial strain.

Seeking proper compensation for loss of independence

A formerly active man working a physical, manual job, lost a large degree of his independence as a result of his injuries at work. No longer able to go to work and relying on loved ones for basic chores, he was put under tremendous strain, both mentally and financially.

He sought legal representation from us, who saw a man whose life had been turned upside down by forces well beyond his control and who deserved justice.

We brought an action against the Defendant, his former employer, under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 alleging that, to lift the sheet pile, it used a machine that was not suitable and sufficient for its purpose. In short: they had failed in their duties to provide adequate equipment to stop the metal from coming loose and striking the Defendant.

A huge financial win and a step towards a new life

After bringing a case of negligence to the Defendant, liability was eventually admitted. It was then a case of negotiating a settlement, preferably before the matter made it to court.

We ultimately managed to negotiate an out of court global settlement of around £200,000. This took into account the traumatic incident itself, the physical damage, psychological harm, long term health effects, enduring pain, and loss of independence for the Claimant.

We were pleased to help an injured man get back on his feet after such a difficult period. The original injury was incredibly traumatic and the chain of events that led to further medical deterioration and reliance on loved ones would have been incredibly difficult.

His life is demonstrably different as a result of workplace negligence so we were glad to win him a sum which would see his financial future secure and give him back a bit of that independence.

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