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10 Things You Must Do After An Accident At Work

No matter whether you work in an office or on a building site, it is your employer’s duty to ensure you are safe while working. Unfortunately, many workplaces do not comply with the latest Health and Safety legislation, which can put you at risk. If you have had an accident at work, you will know […]

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

In the UK around 850 women die each year of cervical cancer. Tragically, that is more than two per day. Additionally, over 220,000 women, and persons with a cervix, are diagnosed with cervical cell changes, each year in the UK. January 17-23 marks Cervical Cancer Prevention week in the UK, with many charities and health […]

Service by email – should the Civil Procedure Rules be changed?

In 1971, over 47 years ago, a Mr Ray Tomlinson, computer engineer, sent the very first email. This was a test message to himself, which he sent to a computer that was placed right next to the computer he had used to send his message.

Legal considerations for healthcare workers

Healthcare workers, whether they be employed by the NHS or a private company are often exposed to very high risks of injury during the course of their employment due to the nature of the work they undertake and can involve working on premises such as care homes or away from the workplace such as patient’s own homes.

Using electronic signatures in Witness Statements.

Solicitors have traditionally sought to obtain handwritten or ‘wet ink’ signatures from their Clients on Court documents in Personal Injury matters, particularly when preparing to serve documents such as Witness Statements and List of Documents.

Escaping Fixed Costs

The extension of the RTA fixed costs regime and new claims portal process came into effect for employer’s liability and public liability claim in July 2013 and in one fell swoop changed the landscape in respect of the recovery of costs for the majority of claims with a value of up to £25,000.

How to run a successful Service User claim – A Claimant’s Perspective

The Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury Claims does not apply to service user claims and it states such claims for damages in relation to harm, abuse or neglect of or by children or vulnerable adults are exempt.

How to deal with surveillance evidence

As a Claimant lawyer, the allegation of Fundamental Dishonesty or the use of surveillance by the Defendants has almost become a normal stage of pursuing a claim for personal injury.

Fundamental dishonesty – what do we need to know?

Qualified One Way Costs Shifting (“QOCS”) rules were introduced into the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) on 1st April 2013 as part of Lord Justice Jackson’s reforms.

Why you should not take a pre medical offer

When Ms Shah went into her local Marks and Spencer store, little did she think she would be leaving with more than just her shopping

Changes to treatment for post traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain following injury

After suffering from a significant spinal injury while taking part in Channel 4’s show, The Jump, British gymnast Beth Tweddle had to seek the support of a psychologist to help her deal with her debilitating injury

Delay in cancer treatment can cause unnecessary psychological distress

We all know how challenging recent times have been, what with the Lockdown, the inability to see and cuddle those we love, the worry of losing our jobs and the inevitable financial hardship that may follow.

What are my employer’s responsibilities in the workplace?

Not only does an employer have a legal duty towards you and your colleagues, but they also have an ethical and moral duty to ensure that everyone they employ is kept safe from physical or psychological harm.

Businesses not taking the appropriate care to prevent transmission of coronavirus to members of the public

Whilst many businesses and local authorities are making every effort to comply with the new government guidelines relating to coronavirus, unfortunately this is not always the case and people have sadly contracted the virus as a result.

Covid 19 in the workplace

As the world-wide spread of Coronavirus continues to make headlines, it paves the way for new areas of risk in the workplace.

Exceptional circumstances: an escape from fixed costs?

Claimants solicitors are well accustomed to the fixed costs regime as set out in Section 45 Civil Procedure Rules 1998 (CPR). The recent ruling in Hislop v Perde & Kaur v Committee of Ramgarhia Board Leicester [2018] EWCA Civ 1726 confirms that a Claimant cannot escape fixed costs purely by the late acceptance of a Part 36 offer by the Defendant.