Spinal Injuries Association

Express Solicitors supports SIA as corporate sponsor





The firm is supporting the Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) with a £1000 corporate sponsorship package that will increase over the year.

Express Solicitors sees a lot of clients whose lives have been turned upside down by a spinal injury and has huge respect for the work that SIA does.

SIA is the leading national charity for spinal cord injured people, offering support and assistance from the time of injury and for the rest of a paralysed person’s life.  It provides services to increase an individual’s quality of life and support the families of newly injured people.

Of vital importance, SIA also works hard do increase knowledge and awareness of the causes and consequences of a spinal injury and campaigns for the best medical and social care for spinal cord injured people.

To find out more about SIA click here www.spinal.co.uk