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Express Solicitors secure £27,000 for woman after botched surgery

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After Lucy Hart, a 28 year old bank manager from Surrey, was the victim of a botched surgery which she had not even agreed to, she was left physically and emotionally scared, and suffered a number of distressing events.

Anna Pearson and the medical negligence team at Express Solicitors team were there for Lucy to help her reclaim a substantial amount in damages as compensation for her difficult time, as well as for loss of earnings.

Non consented surgery turns a young mother’s life upside down

Miss Hart was suffering from a cyst and excessive skin on her labia as a result of it being overstretched after giving birth when she was younger. The area was becoming increasingly irritated and she was suffering from regular yeast infections.

In 2009, Miss Hart consulted her GP on the issue, and was referred to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital to get a procedure done on the NHS.

The surgeon at the hospital told Lucy there were two options for surgery. The first, a simpler procedure, would cut the excess skin away. The second was more complex, cutting away a triangle shape from the area and would require stitches. They both agreed that the first option would be the best option.

How to claim for medical negligence

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On the day of the surgery, Miss Hart was visited by a junior doctor, described by Miss Hart as ‘arrogant’ and who kept rushing her through signing her consent forms. After waking up from surgery, Miss Hart discovered that she was heavily bandaged between her legs and once home, discovered she was bleeding profusely. She asked the hospital over the phone why she had stitches when it was agreed that her surgery would require none and was informed that the junior doctor she had met had taken the surgery and had made the executive decision to perform the second, more complex surgery.

After 48 hours, Miss Hart was still bleeding and had developed a large haematoma on both sides of her labia, which another surgeon advised would need surgery to remove. Miss Hart underwent another surgery to have her stitches removed, the area cleaned, the haematoma removed and the area stitched back up. Unfortunately, she continued to bleed so went back to her original surgeon who advised her that they would need to wait six months for the area to heal before another surgery.

After such a long period of physical pain and distress, the situation began to take a devastating toll emotionally as the lack of physical intimacy led to the breakdown of Miss Hart’s relationship with her fiancé.

After a third surgery, Miss Hart was slightly happier with the outcome but there was still the possibility of future surgery to fully rectify the matter.

Fighting for fair and proper compensation for Lucy

Because Miss Hart couldn’t afford private healthcare to help with matters, her GP advised that she make a claim for clinical negligence, which she did via a formal complaint to the NHS complaints department.

Miss Hart approached Express Solicitors with her case and after hearing her story, Anna Pearson immediately agreed to take her case and fight for fair compensation for Lucy’s traumatic experience.

During investigations into the matter, the hospital admitted that the operation was not carried out correctly and had been performed by the junior doctor, as opposed to the surgeon that Miss Hart had originally agreed to. It was now a matter of negotiating the best settlement to help compensate Lucy for her ordeal.

Significant compensation for Miss Hart

Anna Pearson at Express Solicitors was able to secure Miss Hart a significant compensation package of £27,000 due to clinical negligence.

While Lucy’s ordeal has taken a lot out of her, both physically and emotionally, she feels that the sum will help her to move on as best as she can from such a difficult time.

Anna Pearson was glad to help Miss Hart after such a tough year, “Lucy has had to suffer through multiple surgeries. Her relationships have suffered and she’s had to take time off work but she’s fought through this extremely bravely. We were happy to help her secure enough money to try and put the whole thing behind her.”

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