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Express Solicitors help victim of misdiagnosis recover £6.5 million in damages

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After a young man was left wheelchair bound and dependent on family following a continuous misdiagnosis and improper medical treatment, he was able to recover £6.5 million in medical negligence damages.

A deserved award for this young man and the team, this amount is one of the largest personal injury claims of its kind. Express Solicitors partner, Daniel Slade said:

“Express Solicitors were determined to fight Mr A’s corner from the moment he approached us. We were extremely happy to guide him through proceedings to secure such a landmark pay out.”

Medical mismanagement leaves a healthy young man unable to walk

In February 2008, Mr A, a 19 year old man with no underlying medical conditions, tripped on a defective pavement and fell onto his knees. After being discharged from Homerton Hospital by Mr Qamar with a splint and crutches, he was told to take painkillers and return in a week.

Mr A continued to experience extreme pain and following an MRI scan in September 2008, it was established that he had ruptured the tendons in both of his knees. An injury of this severity normally requires surgery within 48 hours to limit the permanent effects. Mr Qamar missed this diagnosis over the seven months he was treating Mr A, meaning that repairs to the tendons were unsuccessful and he left wheelchair-bound, dependent on his family.

The legal battle for just compensation

Express Solicitors partner, Daniel Slade, represented Mr A in pursuing claims against Pinnacle PSG Ltd and the Homerton University Hospitals NHS Trust in a nine year legal battle. Each party was permitted to rely on evidence provided by medical and employment experts in order to state their case. This was a long fight during which spurious claims were brought against the Claimant in an attempt to discredit his case.

As it soon became evident that there were many medical records missing from Mr Qamar’s clinics, the Claimant also suspected that he was being recorded and tested by other parties. A suspect package of lipstick was delivered to his home address despite having never been ordered, which the delivery driver insisted Mr A sign for personally regardless of being advised by the family that he was in a wheelchair and couldn’t come to the door.

The defending parties were keen to pin the blame for Mr A’s disabling symptoms on any other circumstance. These included the assertion that he was from a family of married cousins, that he was suffering from ‘a primary underlying myopathy’, and that he was carrying a defective gene. Despite having to go through multiple invasive tests, the Claimant proved all these accusations to be utterly false.

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A hard fought victory

Despite multiple delaying tactics and defamatory claims from the defence, the team were able to help Mr A secure a settlement figure of £6,428,290, broken down as a lump sum of over £2,640,000 followed by periodic payments of £53,035. Express Solicitors’ Daniel Slade summarised:

“The Claimant faced many challenges throughout the duration of his nine year claim… We’re proud to have helped secure such a large sum to help him move on with his life as well as he can.”

While no amount of money can adequately compensate for losing your mobility, we were humbled to be able to help our client recover the compensation he deserves during such a traumatic and difficult time in his life.

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