Abubaker Bukenya

Recruitment Manager
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Abubaker Bukenya is a Recruitment Manager in the HR Department and joined Express in September 2017.

When asked what he enjoys most about the role, Abubaker responded: “The amount of responsibility and autonomy in the role is immense where no two days are the same. It’s a varied role where I get to represent the organisation at various events to attract the best talent.”

“I have good communication skills with the ability to adapt my communication style depending on who is in front of me, you can call it a “split personality.” I genuinely care about people and very easy to talk to. This has in turn made it easy for me to forge good relationships with colleagues, stakeholders and third-party providers. I like to feel that have helped my department and indeed the organisation as whole to meet operational goals. It could be financial by minimising spend or being innovative in working practices but most importantly making sure I recruit the best people for the business.”

If I am not working, there is a very good chance that I’m either in the gym, thinking about the gym or going to the gym. I casually play mixed martial arts, I am however gone slightly passed the age where I can give up my office job for the glamorous life of an MMA fighter.

Outside sport, I like to spend quality time with my family and friends, hosting or dining. I won’t claim to be Gordon Ramsey by any means, but I’ve been told my grilled chicken is incredible and my baking skills are above average.

I am all for youth empowerment. I have delivered motivational and inspirational talks to students and youth from different walks of life most specifically from BME and poor backgrounds.

A passion that is close to me is reading about religions and the various texts. I love poetry and I have written a few poems over the years. When I’m ready to hung up my recruiting boots, I could perhaps publish my poems, sell over a million copies and go live it up in the Bahamas.