Elenor Fleming

Litigation Executive
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Elenor Fleming is a Litigation Executive in the Road Traffic Department at Express Solicitors, having joined the firm in May 2014. Elenor specialises in pursuing cases via the Ministry of Justice Portal which is designed to speed up the process of cases where liability is admitted, which in turn allows the Claimant to receive rehabilitation and a successful end to the case in a timely manner.

Elenor has worked extensively on cases which involve the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), where the third party is ‘untraced’ either; the details provided at the time of the accident are inaccurate or the Defendant flees the scene and cannot be traced following the accident.  As this is no fault of the Claimant they should not be barred from making a case or being appropriately treated.  Therefore the MIB will act as the Defendant, following appropriate investigations.

When asked about what she enjoys about her role, Elenor commented: “The most rewarding part about the work is that you are in a position to aid people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to receive treatment for injuries sustained, be that physical or psychological.  In addition, you are in a position to obtain all the relevant evidence to pursue additional losses which can have an equally devastating effect. I find that compassion and knowledge are the two most important aspects which are a necessity, not only are client’s put at ease, but feel that they are informed so that the cases are progressed in an effective manner.”

Before joining Express Solicitors, Elenor gained a degree in Law and Politics from De Montfort University.  Whilst at university, Elenor was President, Vice President, and First Year Representative in Street Law; providing legal workshops to local schools and colleges. She was also Treasurer of the De Montfort University Law Society, and a Law club tutor. Elenor has volunteered with Wigan County Council and Shelter providing legal housing advice.

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In her spare time, Elenor enjoys designing and making her own clothes. She comments: “I am very lucky to have a very talented mother whom taught me to sew.  Unfortunately, I am not yet up to her standard of ability, but I’m learning.  In the past I have designed and made a dressage coat, a leather jacket, dresses for varying occasions, a playsuit, skirts, leggings and shorts. The most enjoyable part for me is not only that my wardrobe expands, but I know that I have made a unique garment.”

Elenor also enjoys a variety of music, she explains: “I am very lucky that a lot of my friends are musicians which have allowed me to experience new music in all forms.”  Elenor has attended many gigs and festivals; 6 Secret Garden Party’s, 5 Glastonbury Music and Arts Festivals, 3 In the City’s, a Beached festival, a Hungry Pigeon festival, a Croissant Neuf, a Doncaster Live, a Dpercussion Festival, Delta Spirit Festival, a Bestival and many other gigs such as ‘Shut the Far Cupboard’ and ‘The Whiskey Jar’.

When Elenor has a spare moment she enjoys cooking a lovely dinner, a cake, or preserving jam and chutney. She also enjoys a delicious Malbec or Piont Noir with friends.

One of Elenor’s favourite quotes comes from Vivienne Westwood, “You’ve got to invest in the world, you’ve got to read, you’ve got to go to art galleries, and you’ve got to find out the names of plants. You’ve got to start to love the world and know about the whole genius of the human race. We’re amazing people.”