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£500,000 claimed for motorbike passenger who hit unlit skip

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Just a mile out from their home in Birkenhead, Wirral, Leana Hughes and her husband Philip suffered terrible injuries after their motorcycle hit an unlit skip.

Physically injured and psychologically shaken, Leana was unsure whether or not she had a case, as they had been the ones in control of the vehicle.

Thankfully, a friend recommended they contact us. Our partner and solicitor, Robin Patey, guided Leana through the legal process and we secured her £500,000 in damages.

A regular overtake shatters a passenger’s legs

A quiet motorbike ride through Birkenhead ended in a life altering collision for Leana Hughes and her husband Philip.

A car pulled out in front of the couple, taking a long time to get up to speed. As they were already driving at 30mph, Philip decided to perform a legal overtake on the car. As he pulled back into the lane in front of the car, the bike hit an unlit skip.

As the couple were sitting on the bike with their knees bent out in front of them, the knees took most of the impact.

Leana crushed her tibia and fibula in her left leg and her tibia even lost four and a half inches when the hospital cleaned her leg out. She also broke her collar bone and fractured her shoulder joint.

She was transferred to The Royal Liverpool Hospital which specialises in working with metal frames, where she stayed for two months due to the severity of her injuries.

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A compassionate approach to a fantastic victory

Shortly after arriving to hospital, Leana’s friend visited her and recommended that she approach us to make a personal injury claim. Wisely, she took this advice and got in touch.

Partner Robin Patey took on Leana’s case against the skip hire company and, after a hard fought legal battle, secured her £500,000 in compensation for her injuries.

He was understandably pleased for Leana that they reached such a favourable agreement, “This incredible victory will help Leana get back on her feet and adequately compensate her for the ordeal, trauma, and physical distress she’s been through. She deserves every penny of this settlement and we’re proud to have helped her.”

As well as being delighted with the outcome, Leana spoke in glowing terms about how Robin helped her through proceedings, “When you are traumatised and in a fragile state of mind, you really need someone to tell you that everything will be okay. Robin did exactly that, visiting me in hospital and giving me all the reassurances and peace of mind I needed.

“I cannot begin to thank Express Solicitors for all the support the firm has given me, I could not have asked for a better team or a more efficient service.”

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