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Express Solicitors win compensation for family in unique traffic accident case

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It’s not every day that a case provides an opportunity for setting a legal precedent, but when it does, our team are sure to grab it with both hands.

When a non-collision road traffic accident caused Mrs Laura Price to injure neck, head and left hand, it posed a peculiar question about culpability.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Rachel Flannigan and her team of road accident solicitors secured her a £7,245 payout for this unique case.

Erratic driver causes damaging emergency stop

Mrs Laura Price’s husband was driving in their car with her and her son when a van pulled out in front of them, moving from the left lane to the right.

After her husband was forced to perform an emergency stop, the momentum caused Mrs Price to lurch forward and she instinctively put her left arm out to lessen the impact. Her wrist hit the dashboard and she was flung back into her seat.

When she returned home she had a severe headache and very sore wrist for three days, beginning to feel pain in her left shoulder and lower back. Her GP suspected a concussion and prescribed painkillers.

However, effects proved to be long term, with Mrs Price unable to use her left hand for basic things, including lifting her son or driving a car. She continues to experience neck pain and extreme headaches.

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How much compensation can I claim for a road traffic accident?

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A curious case of culpability

When Rachel and the team took on the case, it was considered to be the first of its kind as it was argued that a road traffic accident hadn’t actually taken place in this instance. There was no collision with another vehicle, and the van driver was unaware that they had swerved into their lane and that Mr Price had to perform the emergency stop.

A victory in uncharted waters

Despite the ambiguity surrounding the circumstances of the incident, Rachel and the team successfully argued that the van driver’s careless driving was the direct cause of Mrs Price’s injuries.

Thanks to the determination and hard work of the Express Solicitors Road Traffic Accident team, Mrs Price and her family were able to recover £7,245 compensation for her injuries.

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